Biographical Information
Name Zero
Title(s) Seven Angel of Punishments
Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders
Gender Male
Species Human (formerly)


Status Deceased
Professional Information
Country Eastern Empire (formerly)
Affiliation Eastern Empire (formerly)

Mixed Corps (formerly)
Kagurazaka Yuuki

Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 189 (Mentioned)

Chapter 219 (Actual)

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Unlike Vega who was Given Aggresive Personality, He wasn't given personality but in exchange for that his Calculation is far superior than Vega thus he could be considered as Yuuki's Ultimate Creation

Background Edit

He was Created by Yuuki via Unique Skill Creator

He was one of Yuuki's 300 elite subordinates

Plot Edit

Ryuma Clash Arc Edit

It's Mentioned that He and other 300 Yuuki's Elite Subordinate were gathered in Manor at Eastern Empire Capital under order from Yuuki in order to discuss about Coup d'etat Plan after that she was Purged By Kondou, Damrada, Miraza and Royal Knight No.7 - 10.

Tenma Great War Arc Edit

Arios,Zero and Mai including 200.000 Angel was ordered by Velda to invade Holy Empire Ruberius.

Later under Zero's instruction Mai use Her Unique Skill Traveler to Teleport Arios,Zero and Mai back to Velda in order to evade Veldora's Ultimate Skill Chaos King Nyarlathotep's attack.

During attack on Tempest, Zero consumed Labyrinth using Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka. Because of the large energy from the Labyrinth, Zero lost control of his body to the Ultimate Skill and evolve into True Dragon, Evil Dragon Zero. He later killed by Diablo, Benimaru, Zengion and Dino combined attack and his skill, Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka reduce to became a dragon core which later combine with Gaia and evolve her to True Dragon.

Abilities Edit

As one of Yuuki's Top Subordinate his abilities is far above Average Royal Knight

Ultimate Skills Edit

Relationship Edit

Kagurazaka Yuuki

Trivia Edit

  • Altought Arios is Leader of Seven Angel of Punishments, Zero is considered as the strongest Member of Seven Angel of Punishments
  • He could be considered as Vega's Little Brother

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