I intend to completely unify the world as one. Angels, Spirits, Demons, I wish to rule over all of them.

—Yuuki , proclaiming his dreadful attempt to rule the world.

Let’s bring destruction to this world. If you want to stop me, then show me if you can!

—Yuuki's code of conduct.

Yuuki Kagurazaka

Kagurazaka Yuuki

Yuuki Manga
Biographical Information
Name Yuuki Kagurazaka

Kagurazaka Yuuki

Title(s) Grand Master of Freedom Association
Age 25+
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Country Ingracia Kingdom (formerly)

Eastern Empire (formerly)

Class Adventurer
Rank Commander (formerly)
Affiliation Freedom Association (formerly)

Headquarters (formerly)
Freedom Academy (formerly)

Ingracia Kingdom (formerly)
Eastern Empire (formerly)

Post Grand Master (formerly)

Executive Director (formerly)
Chairman (formerly)

Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 56
Manga Debut Chapter 11 (Mentioned)

Yuuki Kagurazaka, formerly the Freedom Association's Grand Master, is one of the main antagonist of Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken. A twisted genius, and with the massive influence as the Grand Master, he had easily manipulated countless people whom he encountered the moment he arrived in this world.

Appearance Edit

He has pleasing features, blessed with a youthful appearance, with black hair and eyes. He could easily introduce himself as a high school student.

Although his age is in the second half of the 20s, his features remain that of a high school student. This is most likely due to some kind of curse similar in nature to Hinata's.

Personality Edit

At first glance, Yuuki is a bright and optimistic individual. However, his easy and good hearted nature is but a mere facade for his destructive, suicidal personality. Given that he is a genius, Yuuki is always with a plan and one step ahead. Therefore, he is uneasy with the existence of unknown factors, such as Rimuru, that could endanger his future plans. Ever since arriving into a new world where powerful enemies existed, he rejoiced at the fact that this was a world without boredom, one where he could give form to his warped existence. Ruthless in his actions, insane but calculatively cautious, and sadistically enjoys the despair of those around him. He does not view humans as people, but as bugs. For those whom prove useful, he would think of them as pawns or pieces of the chessboard.

For his desire to come into fruition, Yuuki had established his position as the Grand Master of the Freedom Association and crafted himself the reputation of a caring and wise superior to others. Gaining the recognition, respect, trust and admiration by performing grand feats, such as slaying dragons with ease, he instills the image of a powerful leader so that others would look up and depend on him. Everything that he has done, ranging from planting parasite into the minds of friends, manipulating unsuspecting people, causing the death of innocents, is all for the sake of his goals. Nothing he does are for the benefit of others, showing the absence of his sense of humanity, justice and empathy. He holds no feelings at all for his followers, nor does he feel anything toward their deaths.

Background Edit

Since his childhood, Kagurazaka Yuuki was a genius. When he was still in the former world, he had harbored dangerous dreams of destroying the boring everyday life. It was just that, in the former world, he hadn’t held a fascination for the world’s destruction.

Earning money wasn’t a problem for him either, if he wished for it, he could obtain it, but for him, there was already nothing he really wanted. When Yuuki had just become an elementary school student, his parents were killed in an accident. His parents hadn’t made a mistake, they collided head-on with a truck whose driver had fallen asleep at the wheel, and died instantly. This left Yuuki, whom was sleeping in the rear seat, the sole survivor.

This event caused Yuuki to realize that the world was utterly unreasonable, and that he was hopelessly powerless to do anything. The idea of revenge against such an unreasonable world had become rather amusing to himself, but he quickly gave up on any further thoughts. He was a genius that could accomplish anything that he wanted. Had he seriously wished for it, it might really have been possible to turn the destruction of the world into reality.

He honestly believed that the world was boring. It is possible that his thirst for destruction was suppressed by that thought. For him to cross over into a new world filled with different possibilities, it was his good fortune and the misfortune for the fate of the inhabitants of the new world.

Relationships Edit

Rimuru Tempest Edit

The thorn in his side. He was defeated by Rimuru at the end of the series and got digested for which Rimuru got all of his abilites.

Abilities Edit

When he came to this world, he claimed that he did not acquire any Unique Skills or abilities, only that his physical abilities that grow abnormally. Evidently, it was all false.

Angra Mainyu is similiar with the Wisdom Lord, Yuuki also had some kind of personality “existing” in him unlike Raphael, it was a cold, crude personality that didn’t even try to understand human emotions.

Through the use of Memory Orbs, it is possible to recreate a dead person by replicating and implanting their memories. This was done with Damurada and Kondo. However, the soul is not actually present, as such, those recreated through this method cannot actually be considered living beings. It is possible to grant energy and Skills, however, as Damurada and Kondo retained their abilities, and gained power of around EP: 4.000.000 each.

Unique Skill Edit

Ultimate Skill Edit


  • Snake Sword: Legend Grade weapon that Yuuki possesses. This weapon is flexible, though it usable as a knife, it can extend and be used as a whip because the weapon has a trait that makes it possible to change its shape freely. But, more than its status and performance as a Legend Grade weapon, it has an ability to absorb a fixed amount of damage. Until it reaches its limit, the knife can nullify all attacks it receives. However, once its capacity is reached it can’t be used until it recycles in one week. Was destroyed by Milim.

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