Biographical Information
Name Venom
Blessing Tempest Crest(formerly)
Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Gender Male
Species Demon Coun
Evolution Arch Demon
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Tempest
Affiliation Tempest

Black Corps

Debut Information
Web Novel Debut 143

"My name is Venom. The demon who pledged his loyalty to Rimuru. Someday I will be Diablo-sama's right hand and offer this world to Rimuru-sama!"

- Venom stating his ultimate goal for the future.

Venom was a Greater Demon whom had evolved turned into an Arch Demon. He was one of the ten demons personally selected by Diablo, whom had gathered various potential candidates to form the members of the Black Corps, an elite demon unit with the lowest number of troops, but with the strongest war force in all of Tempest.

Appearance Edit

Even as a Greater Demon, he is perceived as a special individual in Rimuru's eye and possessed a dignified presence.

Personality Edit

Prone to violence and easily bursts into fits of anger. In the spiritual world, he gradually became arrogant due to the fact that he obtained a unique skill when he first evolved into a Greater Demon. However, his arrogance has now greatly subsided after he encountered the Demon Duke Diablo, learning the meaning of fear and absolute defeat for the first time since his rebirth as a spiritual demon.

Despite his flaws, he does care for the well-being of his companions and subordinates, as was shown when he though of the well being of his subordinates as they were annihilated by Diablo.

Background Edit

In a flash back, Venom a faint memory that he was a human orphan in his previous life. It seemed that he had attended school regularly and was reduced into an foolish oppressive tyrant that ruled others through violence. His human life ended when he was stabbed to death by an opponent in a dispute.

Upon regaining consciousness, he awoke as a new being in the spiritual world where formless demons roamed and drifted. Following his wake, he attempted to interact with the other formless demons but to no avail as there was no responds of any sort from the other demons.

He soon met another demon who taught him about summoning and about this world, and how the majority of demons do not have an ego. However, the moment the other demon said something remotely annoying Venom attacked him. They fought for several days and the other demon acknowledged Venom's strength. They then decided to fight everyday as well as attempt to get summoned. As they fought and fought they got stronger and stronger and collected underlings. Venom did not know defeat.

One day Venom encountered Diablo who absolutely crushed him and his underlings with zero effort. However, due to Venom's tenacity and unwillingness to give up Diablo brought him to Rimuru. Here Venom realized that though he believed himself to be strong, he was nothing in comparison to either Diablo or Rimuru. So he vows to get stronger in order to become Diablo's primary helper (replace Testarossa).

Relationships Edit

Abilities Edit

Unique Skills Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the future, Venom's power increases greatly. In addition, he will be feared as a demon that exhausted and massacred hostile enemies.
  • Named after the car Hennessey Venom GT.