Biographical Information
Name Velzado
Aliases Ice Empress [氷の女帝, Koori no Jotei]
Title(s) (White) Ice Dragon [白氷竜, Haku Hyou Ryuu]
Age 2000+
Gender Female
Species True Dragon
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Relatives Veldanava (Elder Brother)
Velgurind (Younger Sister)
Veldora (Younger Brother)
Milim Nava (Niece)
Status Alive
Professional Information
Rank Special S
Affiliation Guy Crimson
Post First Subordinate
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 78
"Ice Dragon" Velzado ["白氷竜" ヴェルザード, "Haku Hyou Ryuu" Veruzaado, literally "White Ice Dragon, Velzado"], the "Ice Empress" [氷の女帝, Koori no Jotei], is the second of the four True Dragons.

Appearance Edit

A beautiful white haired girl. She has pure white skin, with cold and bewitching blue diamond colored eyes, and bright white lips.

Abilities/Skills Edit

She is considered as the Strongest True Dragon in term of Defense capability and have the Largest Magical Amount after Velda Nava.

Ultimate Skills Edit

Former Ultimate Skills Edit

Relationships Edit

  • Guy Crimson: She is Guy’s first subordinate. Though rather than calling her a subordinate, it may be more appropriate to call her a partner. She is an existence far different than his tools.
  • Veldora: Veldora avoided her for some reasons it could be because of her strict treatment of him for rampaging too much.


  • She has a voice like ice.
  • It was Guy Crimson as the one who improved her Ultimate Skill