Biographical Information
Name Veldanava
Aliases Creator of Skills
Title(s) Star King Dragon [星王竜, Sei Ou Ryuu]
Age 2000+
Gender Male
Species True Dragon
Relatives Velzado (Younger Sister)
Velgurind (Younger Sister)
Veldora (Younger Brother)
Lucia (Wife)
Milim Nava (Daughter)
Rudra Nam Ul Nasca (Brother-in-law)
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Country Nasca Kingdom
Rank Special S+
Affiliation Guy Crimson (friend)
Gaia (Reincarnation)
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 81 (Mentioned)

Intermission -Guy Crimson- (Actual)

"Star King Dragon" Veldanava [星王竜 (ヴェルダナーヴァ), Sei Ou Ryuu (Verudanaava)] is the first and strongest of the True Dragons species.

He is the creator of the world and all its rules, including the existence of skills and ultimate skills.

Background Edit

One of the true dragons, the first among them, Veldanava, had a child with a human. This child was Milim. Interestingly enough, most of the dragon’s power was taken by her. Thus, the dragons declared the making of children a taboo.

Veldanava who lost his power took on flesh, and became the founder of the dragon family. From then on, the mass of natural holy spirits came to be called the Dragon Race. Presently, the many dragons who inhabit the world can trace their roots to their founder, Star King Dragon Veldanava.

Veldanava reincarnated as his daughter’s pet dragon, Gaia and was killed by some country. He was then revived by Yuuki and used as a pawn before being killed by Leon Cromwell and then revived again by Rimuru.

Veldanava met an ascended Guy Crimson, who was seeking powerful opponents, and easily defeated him. He then conferred the tasks of Arbitrator to protect the world from being destroyed by its own inhabitants. He and Lucia were apparently killed by a certain country that tried to harm the Nasca Kingdom, while in truth it was manipulated by the system itself.

Since God(Veldanava) should love all its creations equally but Veldanava loved Lucia more than any other being, the system deemed it as an error and arbitrarily decided to delete him and Lucia at the same time. This caused His sentient Ultimate Skill Justice King Michael to judge the world as evil and decide to destroy it in the hope of reuniting with Veldanava and Lucia.

Dispersion of Abilities and Decedents Edit

Milim Nava - She is his daughter and inherited most of his soul power.

Angra Mainyu - He is the nucleic heart of Veldanava and a small portion of Veldanava's soul power. He has wandered many worlds and dimensions before finding Yuuki and regaining his memories as Veldanava. He is obsessed with finding out if that is who he truly is. He also wishes to ressurect Lucia as part of his test to discover if he is truly Veldanava. He used to have the Ultimate Skills Creation Lord Ahura Mazda, Justice King Michael, as well as Covenant Lord Uriel. He decided to go by the name of Velda.

Rimuru Tempest - He inherited Covenant King Uriel from Veldanava and Wisdom Lord Raphael from Lucia.

Abilities Edit

Ultimate Skills Edit