Velda (ヴェルダ Veruda)/Angra Mainyu (悪徳の意志アンラ・マンユ Anra Man'yu, lit. "will of corruption") and Yuuki share a body carries two soul with carries the nucleic core (heart) of the “Stellar King Dragon” Veldanava an unusual case as there’s 2 hearts/soul and Velda does not understand his own identity as He has wandered many worlds and dimensions before finding Yuuki and regaining his memories as Veldanava and as he dwelled in Yuuki’s body the one who wished for the destruction of the world.a obsessed with finding out if Veldanava is who he truly is also wishes to ressurect Lucia as part of his test to discover if he is truly Veldanava. He used to have the Ultimate Skills Creation Lord Ahura Mazda, Justice King Michael, as well as Covenant Lord Uriel. He decided to go by the name of Veld

Velda is one of the main antagonist of Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken a part of A twisted genius, with the massive influence they held and had easily manipulated countless people whom they encountered all to destroy the old world and create a new world.

Velda (Angra Mainyu)
Biographical Information
Aliases Angra Mainyu
Species nucleic heart
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Shared the same body with Yuuki.

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