Third CorpsEdit

Specialized in conducting air raids and providing air support for ground troops.

Commander Edit

Vice-commander Gabil

Divisions Edit

-Hiryu: 100 members

These are, on average, the strongest unit in Tempest. A rank [EP: 9,500~9,900], but coordinate their attacks extremely well. There are some among them who are surpassing A rank as well. Their trump card being『Battle Dragon Transformation / Dragon Warriors Transformation』

-Blue Numbers: 3,000 members

Comprised solely of new applicants from the lizardmen. They are only C ranked. But that is not their true strength. Their power lies in their ability to mount the Wyverns and take to the skies. In fact, this division has the ability to completely dominate the air space. Even within Tempest, they are a secret division. A Wyvern is a lesser dragon species. These B+ beasts are acquired with the help of Milim.

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