You all already understand right? When you pass this line, your lives will forfeit. People who don’t have the resolution mustn’t pass it. Well then, have a good day.

—Testarossa, warns the invading Imperial army

Biographical Information
Name Testarossa
Aliases 2nd Guy Crimson (unofficial)
Smiling Demon
Blessing Storm Crest (formerly)
Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Title(s) Killer Lord (Atrocity King)
True Demon Lord
Gender Female
Species Demon King
Evolution Demon Noble
Arch Demon
Hair Color Scarlet (Web Novel)
Blanc (Light Novel)
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Tempest
Affiliation Tempest
Black Corps
Post Diablo's right hand
Intelligence Officer
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut 143

"Killer Lord" Testarossa ["虐殺王"キラーロード テスタロッサ, "Gyakusatsu Ou"Kiraa-Roodo Tesutarossa] was a Arch Demon who had evolved into a Demon Duke after she was named by Rimuru. Before the Tenma Great War, she was awakened as a True Demon Lord and evolved into a Demon King.

She is one of the ten demons personally selected by Diablo, who had summoned various potential candidates to form the members of the Black Corps, an elite demon unit with the lowest number of troops, but with the strongest war force in all of Tempest.

She has been appointed as Diablo’s right hand, and is dispatched to Gobuta's corps as an intelligence officer.

Appearance Edit

Female type demon with scarlet hair. Even as an Arch Demon, she is perceived as a special individual in Rimuru's eye and possessed a dignified presence.

Personality Edit

She is haughty.

Background Edit

She is the Demon from Lake Shore Dyed in Scarlet incident  that a few years ago destroyed a small country. It was a vassal state in the Eastern Empire. The state was adjacent to a beautiful lake. The vassal state revolted against the empire, and shouted for independence at that time.

The reason why because their king suddenly declared his country’s independent was because a noble from the Empire desired the kings only daughter, the princess . Because of that king took a drastic measure, since the state was inferior in warpower to Empire to win against they tried to accomplish that through a Taboo secret art of Demon Summoning

The king gave an order to summon a powerful demon that will obey his command as the king wished and the Imperial Court Magician obeyed the order. He summoned an Arch Demon (Now known as Testarossa) but when she appeared from the Demon Summoning she destroyed the small country because she desired the kingdom’s princess.

The Imperial Court Magician, whose mind was broken the instant he saw the demon, presented the princess in response to the demon’s demand and she sprouted a wicked smile,as she possessed the princess body.

The empire feared she would become a second Guy Crimson, so they dispatched the inteliggence corps to deal with her.

She was killed by the inteliigence corps.


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  • Death Streak (Blessing of Death): summon a black flame. The flame's black light (that can pass through most substances and barrier magic) that touches a living being will rewrite its genetic code. In 99,9999% of the cases, the living being dies. The ones who survives will get its body changed into a monster and he will get a long life. Legend says that only someone who has the ability to storage his soul or spiritual life forms can withstand this magic. It’s also possible for someone who can revive from a complete physical body destruction.

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  • She was named after Ferrari Testarossa car.