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Minami Satoru who lived a normal life was stabbed by a passing ruffian, closing the curtains of the 37 years of his life… It should have been like this, at least. But he suddenly found himself not being able to see nor hear... In this kind of state, he became aware of the truth: he had reincarnated into a slime.

While complaining about becoming the weak but famous slime and enjoying the life of a slime at the same time, Minami Satoru met with the Catastrophe-level monster “Storm Dragon Verudora”, and his fate began to move.

——— After getting the name “Rimuru” from “Verudora”, and about to start a life in this new and unknown world, he was suddenly caught in a conflict between Goblins and garo (Fangwolves) tribes, and unwittingly became the ruler of the monsters…

With the ability [Predator] that can seize an opponent’s abilities and [Great Sage] that understands every rule and law of the universe—

The legend of the strongest slime with these two abilities as weapons, now begins!

Random Quote
To everyone who went against us, we will bare our fangs and retaliate. To everyone who lends their hands to us, we will grant our blessing to them. To our opponents, we will do to them what they have done to us. In the future, I hope that we can be linked in a friendship one day. ”

—Rimuru declaring his ideals and goals in which would be the foundation of Tempest

Current Events
Tempest is currently at war with the Heaven

Dino and Co. are invading The Tempest Labyrinth and Gerudo's gaurdians trying their best to defend against the 600,000 angels

Featured Article
Episode 2: Meeting the Goblins
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Mikami the Slime and Veldora the Storm Dragon became friends and have given names to each other. Veldora gifts the name of Rimuru to the slime, and Rimuru named each other's last name Tempest. In an attempt to undo the seal on Veldora, Rimuru devours him using his Predator skill. However, this created a tremor around the area of the Forest of Jura. By being devoured into Rimuru, the threat of Veldora has disappeared, so there is a threat that large nations will attack smaller countries through the forest of Jura. Unaware of his actions, Rimuru passes through the cave and encounters with the goblins.

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