Background Edit

At first, Tempest's power consisted only of Goblins and Fanged Wolves, whose originally swore loyalty to Rimuru. However, after the Ogres joined and evolved into Oni, Tempest's military was able to confidently challenged 200.000 Orc forces head on. After their defeats, some of the Orcs and Gabil's Lizardmen also joined Tempest, thus effectively increase Tempest's military might.

Principles Edit

Tempest's military can be thought of as a self defense force instead of offensive forces (It's implied Rimuru use Japan's Armed Forces known as Japan Self Defense Force as the reference to Composite his own Armed Forces). This reflected how Rimuru decided to wait for the Empire to attack instead of actively waging an offensive war. They believe it to be morally right to decimate any invading forces to the last men; however, they would never kill any civilian or continue killing after the war is already declared over.

They rigidly follow the chain of command and Benimaru holds the ultimate authority as the supreme commander, not even Rimuru can directly command the troops under Benimaru's command.

Tempest Army RanksEdit

  • Commander-in-chief
  • General
  • Commander
  • Vice commander
  • Captain
  • Intelligence officer
  • Adjutant

Known Command staff Edit

King of TempestEdit

Rimuru Tempest, formerly known as Mikami Satoru, He is the founder and King of the Demon Country Tempest of the Great Jura Forest and regarded as one of the strongest Demon Lord.

Executives Edit

  1. Commander-in-Chief Benimaru
  2. Adjutant Hakurou
  3. Intelligence Head Souei
  4. General Gerudo
  5. Chief Bodyguard & Chief Secretary Shion
  6. General Diablo
  7. Commander Gobuta
  8. Ranga
  9. Vice Commander Gabil
  10. Intelligence officer Testarossa
  11. Intelligence officer Ultima
  12. Intelligence officer Carrera

Departments Edit

War Edit

  1. Commander-in-Chief Benimaru
  2. Adjutant Hakurou
  3. Commander Gobuta
  4. Vice-commander Gabil

Intelligence Edit

  1. SoueiShadow Squad utilized as spies and scouts as well as messengers sensually a cover operations That works behind the scenes in enemy territory
  2. Black Numbers members: utilized as Intelligence officers to obtain technology and knowledge directly from the enemy.

Defense Edit

  1. Department Head Rigur
  2. General Gerudo

Labyrinth Edit

The strongest individuals in the Labyrinth with combat power of Executive class.
Dragon Lords
Various Dragons have evolved to Dragon Lord class. Four Dragon Lords have been named.
Death Dragon
  • Gehennic Dragon Lord Wenti

Total Forces against the Eastern Empire Edit

Tempest standing forces:

  1. Gobuta’s First corps: approximately 12,000 members.
    1. Ogre wolves, 100 members. Evolved from the combination of Wolf Riders and Star Wolves. Their battle power is at A- rank [EP: 9,000 ~ 9,900] and they will serve as captains of this corps.
    2. Green numbers, 12,000 members. They have been split into a host of 4,000 members, comprising three teams. The majority of them come as warriors from the many tribes in Jura Forest. Even so, they are B rank [EP: 5,000~6,000] and are a splendid fighting force.
  2. Gerudo’s Second corps: approximately 37,000 members.
    1. Yellow Numbers, 2,000 members. These are the High Orcs serving under Gerudo. Individually they are strong B+ rank [EP: 7,500~8,000]. They are also able to unite with Gerudo to become a single shield. Rimuru reorganized them into teams and assigned captains.
    2. Orange Numbers, 35,000 members. Recently “born” High Orcs. They are C ranked. However, only 15,000 will participate in combat with a 20,000 support and Engineer corps.
  3. Gabil’s Third Corps: approximately 3,000 members.
    1. Hiryu, 100 members. These are, on average, the strongest unit in Tempest. A- rank [EP: 9,500~9,900], but coordinate their attacks extremely well. There are some among them who are surpassing A rank as well. Their trump card being『Battle Dragon Transformation』
    2. Blue Numbers, 3,000 members. Comprised solely of new applicants from the lizardmen. They are only C ranked. They to mount the Wyverns and dominate the air space. Even within Tempest, they are a secret division.By the way, Wyvern is a lesser dragon species. These B+ Beasts was acquired with the help of Milim.
  4. Benimaru’s Crimson: approximately 100 members.
    1. Crimson, 100 members.Benimaru’s personal cohort and a group of A rank monsters focusing on strength and truly possess ridiculous abilities. Their current “level” would match the Knights Templar. And the captains of Crimson endured Hakurou’s hellish training.
  5. Souei’s Shadow Squad: approximately 100 members.
    1. Shadow Squad, 100 members. They specialize in Espionage, after all.Souei said they have zero fighting strength, but Rimuru don’t believe him. Since he does carry out assassinations after all. Souei has sole and exclusive control over them, and few even know of them.
  6. Shion’s Yomigaeri Squad: approximately 10,000 members.
    1. Rimuru's personal guards are Shion’s Yomigaeri. These individuals have reached of B+ Rank [EP: 8,000~8,500]. 10,000 of the troops are immortal/invulnerable and trained personally by Shion.They are lead by Captain Dagura, Debura and Ryura. (Rimuru incorrectly believes their numbers to be less than 1000, so his estimate on total troops is 10,000 too low).
  7. Diablo's Black Numbers
    1. They are approximately 700 A Rank Demon, consisting of Diablo's old rivals, their subordinates and unique individuals. After being summoned, these demons are made to inhabit/possess the Demon Dolls inside capsules developed by Tempest. Altought their number is too few to call themself as Corps, Rimuru consider them as Tempest Strongest Corps

Available Fighting Force: 180,000 that will fight for Tempest and the Western Kingdoms:

  • Tempest standing Forces of 60,000.
  • The monsters in Rimuru's domain, 50,000. (Part of the Fourth Corps under Benimaru)
  • Mercenaries from other countries, 60,000.
  • Adventurers, 10,000.

Reinforcements Edit

Additional reinforcements can be called from Tempest's allies and subjects if needed.

The Great Jura Forest Edit

Rimuru can send out a request for help from all of the inhabitants of the Great Jura Forest. The forecast recruiting numbers are 50,000 volunteers. According to Rimuru, since figuring out their placement ahead of time may prove difficult, Tempest may just have to do it once the war starts and gather and organize them into a corps. They are to become the Fourth Corps - the Crimson Numbers - under Benimaru’s direct control. With the『Generalissimo』skill, Benimaru can control them effectively, so none are better fit than Benimaru to lead.

Human Country Allies Edit

Adventurers and Volunteer Soldiers Edit

The adventurers that use the Adventurer's city inside the Labyrinth will volunteer to protect it. These volunteer soldiers have been placed under the command of Masayuki. The number of volunteers is around 10,000 troops. Souei spread rumors of rewards in order to motivate and inspire more adventurers.

Allies Of Tempest



Tempest Individual allies

Defectors to Tempest

Total Forces Against The angels Edit

After evolution The standing forces:

Milim’s currently assembled troops have been assembled through the reorganization of the forces of her Territory comprising Karion’s Warriors and Frey subordinates The rest are the devils, mercenaries as well as  Clayman’s former subordinates. It is a combined force consisting of various people Even the people who usually take part in maintaining the public order

The command of the whole army is left to Karion who took the position of general Their total number is 300.000 at the center of the forces the 3.000 of the Flying Beast Knight Order”and 3.000 griffons of Frey’s forces the beastmen mounted on their back are the specially picked beastmen of Karion’s subordinates.

They’re merely 3.000 warriors who exceed A rank who are able to easily do Ariel combat as one effective unit the largest force composed only of people who exceed A rank

Griffons are magic beasts with “B+rank But with training by Karion their ability  were able to raised to “A-rank As with the A rank beastmen who rode them, their ability became equivalent to A rank The Flying Beast Knight Order is the strongest subordinates who were trained by Karion


the commanding officers, 300 Holy Knights and 400 Bloody Knights [Both estimated at A rank].

the 7 greater nobles Holy Knights led by Arno The main force consisted of 100 thousand members of the Holy Scripture Knights[estimated B+ rank], the Saint Church's believers, Lesser Vampires and other similar Majin under Ruminas comprised most of these units.

In addition, was 100 thousand knights[estimated C+ rank], that were sent from the remaining western countries.estimated over a 200 thousand,

History of Tempest Military Edit

History of Tempest Military
Ch Additions/Changes Casualties
New Troops Evolution
8 100 Goblin (F Rank)
11 100 Fang Wolves (C Rank) 100 Goblin / Wolf Pairs
12 1 Goblin Lord (Rigurdo)

100 Storm Fang Wolves

100 Goblin Riders

20 7 Goblin Chiefs (F Rank)

500 goblins (F Rank)

1 Goblin King (B Rank) (Rigurdo)

4 Goblin Lords

27 6 Ogre (B+ Rank) 6 Oni (A Rank)
37 1 Tempest Star Wolf (A Rank) (Ranga)
43 1 Orc General

2000 Orcs with Armor

1 Star Leader

99 Star Wolves (Rank B)

100 Goblin Riders (C+ Rank)

1 Orc General (A Rank)

2000 High Orcs with Armor (C+ Rank) (Yellow Corps)

44 5 Lizardmen (under Souei)

100 Lizardmen + Gabil

8000 Goblins

5 Dragonewts (under Souei)

101 Dragonewts (including Gabil)

8 Goblin Lords (12 total)

8657 Hobgoblins (total) (Green Corps)

64 1 Greater Demon (Beretta) 1 Arch Doll (Beretta)
70 1 Arch Demon

2 Greater Demons

2 Greater Demons
73 100 Goblin Rider + Star Wolves Unification ( Rank A-)

100 Immortal Hobgoblins (Rank C+) + Shion (Dark/Evil Oni) (Rank A) (Yomigaeri)

5 Fair Onis (Rank A)

100 Ogres (Rank A-)

4100 Hobgoblins (Fire Manipulation) (Rank C+)

2000 High Orcs (Rank B)

100 Dragonewts (Rank A-) + Gabil (Hiryu)

1 Demon Noble/Demon Duke (Diablo) (Rank A+)

74 1 True Dragon (Veldora) True Dragon (Ultimate Skill) (Rank SS)

1 Arch Doll (Beretta)

1 Fairy/Pixie (Ramiris)

1 Chaos Doll (Beretta)
102 1 Lizardman Chief (Abil) + Tribe (ally)

Dryads + Treants (Labyrinth)

Gozu Tribe (ally)

Mezu Tribe (ally)

106 1 Gyuuki (Gozurl)
112 1 Human (Masayuki)
116 1 Tengu (Momiji) (Rank A) 1 evolved Mezu (Mezurl)
143 3 Arch Demons

7 Greater Demons

700 Lesser Demons

Dryads and Treants obtain Bodies (Rank A)

3 Demon Dukes (Testarossa, Ultima, Carrera)

7 Arch Demons (Venom, Veyron, Moss, Cien, Zonda, Agera, Esprit)

700 Greater Demons + Arch Demons

150 1 Wizard (Gadra)

3 Humans (Shinji, Mark, Xing)

161.5 2 Humans (Michel, Raymond)


Military Installation and Technology, Magical Weapons and Armors Research Facilities

Tempest Spoils of warEdit

Gallery Edit

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