Western Saints ChurchEdit

After the war with the Knights Templar, Tempest's entire population was admitted as Demi-Human status, allowing them the same treatment as the Dwarves.

The hierarchy of the church accepted and recognize the current status of Tempest’s citizens. This was accompanied by us being informed that the Knights Templar would preforming a regular cultural in place of a regular compensation.

For the sake of an emergency contact, allowing either party to instantly contact the other, several people were left behind. However, monitoring them is no longer their purpose there.

Above everything else, as an additional compensation, they were given a failed experiment of theirs. Basically a set of experimental equipment that they weren’t able to complete. As for Hinata’s broken sword, they were given that as well, and the few pieces of spirit armor that weren’t completely destroyed. Analyzing them was fairly simple. At any rate, Rimuru passed over a duplicated sword to Hinata to replace her sword since she was pretty much defenseless. To note, the analysis of the Spirit Armor was actually a major development. Rimuru also had the chance to analyze the Spirit Equipment the knights used.

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