Department of Governance is the division of the "Monster Country" Tempest responsible for governace.


The three chiefs making up the judicial, legislative, and executive branches. The goblin chiefs were later promoted from goblin lords to minister status. The number of goblinas have been steadily increasing. The security and order of the city is maintained by men while women take care of household matters and cooking. Since they have their individual talents, they spread themselves among cooking, cleaning, education, sewing, assistance, and other professions. Their efficiency can be primarily attributed to Rigurdo’s skill at governing. The monsters’ birth rate dropped to to that of humans. Rimuru wanted orcs, goblins, and lizardmen to have the right to choose whomever they love. He was faced with the dilemma whether or not to allow polygamy. This is especially helpful to women who have lost their husbands. In order to ensure that they leave offspring, Rimuru allowed polygamy. However, only limited to widows. Every new moon, they decided to hold a confession festival, and new couples would be given a home. Singles would continue living in tenement housing. However, if they occupy some important post, they are free to live on their own. When interests clash, residents bicker, they then come seek Rimuru’s decision. The elder bunch also handles many of these, so his involvement can be said to be limited to some degree.

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