Floor 100th of Tempest Underground Labyrinth


It uses Physics Magic for surveillance while also being used for military tactical strategy planning Established next to [[Veldora]] 's private quarters in the 100th floor of the dungeon, it’s possible to come in and out of this place from Tempest’s Strategy Conference Hall making it an important base, which was fundamentally inside the dungeon. Inside the Control room, large screens were set up in the room and each of them displayed a scene of different places: The various areas within Jura Great Forest, the trade route with the Dwarf Kingdom, the sea routes, the Qanat mountain ranges. They're all displayed without problems allowing Rimuru to observe various important points one by one. The concept is utilizing the Physics Magic ”Meggido", with which Rimuru created lens-shaped water drops that can be handled by the spirits. The magic itself is used with low cost The images enlarged by the large lens are reflected onto a mirror to be relayed to a similar mirror deployed near the Stratopause and the images will be transferred to the Control room. At the same time, the transmission of images is directly dealt with via Spatial Control leaving no gap due to instantaneous transfer of data. The images projected on the screen had HD quality after being processed by[[ Raphael]] . There’re two projections in case one get destroyed or is being deceived. In addition, the completion of this surveillance system enable Rimuru to use "Megiddo" while being inside the Control Room. To assist this surveillance even more, [[Raphael]] developed a system of 24-hour satellites that would float in the sky and usable even at night. With Rimuru's magic essence as the fuel, there’s now a great spirit class geostationary satellite permanently hovering near the Stratopause. Once it runs out, Rimuru simply needs to supplement it. Furthermor, Its position that is unrelated to day and night make it enable to converge direct sunlight making it possible to reflect and radiate energy anytime. Though it can't be avoided that energy loss would occur, the power of the sun ray was more powerful than enough and can even be used at night. There’s also a bit of energy loss even during the day and night cycle. As the amount of sun light satellite converges increases, so too does the amount of heat.

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