Storm King Veldora
暴風之王 (ヴェルドラ)
Boufuu no Ou (Verudora)
Name Storm King Veldora
暴風之王 (ヴェルドラ)
Boufuu no Ou (Verudora)
User(s) Rimuru Tempest
Skill Type Ultimate Skill
Web Novel Debut Chapter 74
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Void God Azathoth
Ultimate Skill: Storm King Veldora [暴風之王 (ヴェルドラ), Boufuu no Ou (Verudora)] is the Ultimate Skill Rimuru obtains after freeing Veldora from the Infinity Prison.

Since Veldora is a spiritual life form, once scanning was done by Wisdom King Raphael, Rimuru is now able to use him as a skill.



  • Storm Dragon Summon: The ability to summon Veldora in his dragon form. Depending on the amount of magical energy allocated, the summoning time is reduced.
  • Storm Dragon Release: The ability to have Individual: Veldora use a clone. Even in the case of death, memory recovery is possible.This skill has no time limit.
  • Storm Dragon Magic Archive: The ability to use Death Heralding Winds, Black Lightning, Storm of Ruins and Storm lightning.Chantless: instant activation possible.
  • Bladed Storm Crystalization, Transforming into a Blade Core.

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