Stellar Wind Lord Hastur
星風之王 (ハストゥール)
Hoshikaze no Ou (Hasutuuru)
Name Stellar Wind Lord Hastur
星風之王 (ハストゥール)
Hoshikaze no Ou (Hasutuuru)
Alternative Names Star Wind King Hastur
Divine Wind King Hastur
User(s) Ranga
Skill Type Ultimate Skill
Web Novel Debut Chapter 176 (mentioned)
Chapter 191
Demon Wolf's King

Ultimate Skill Stellar Wind Lord Hastur [星風之王ハストゥール, Hoshikaze no OuHasutuuru] is the skill Ranga gets after evolving into a True Demon Lord and Rimuru's ascension into a Great Demon Lord, with the help of Ciel's skill upgrade abilities.

Although unmentioned, the skill was probably obtained by upgrading Ranga's Unique Skill Demon Wolf’s King.

In Chapter 176, it was mentioned that Stellar Wind Lord Hastur could also be created by combining Rimuru's Ultimate Skills Covenant King Uriel and Storm King Veldora.



  • Thought acceleration
  • Weather Control
  • Space Control
  • Multi-Layered Barrier

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