Star Wolf
Species Star Wolf
Storm Fanged Wolf
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Description Edit

The Star Wolves are the evolution from the Storm Fanged Wolf. Their strength is at least that of a B Rank.

Star Leader Variation Edit

There is a higher level variation that is called the Star Leader. The Star Leader is stronger and can carry one person while using shadow step.

Tempest Star Wolf Variation Edit

An even higher level variation exists called the Tempest Star Wolf and it might be beyond the walls of rank A. It can carry two people and shadow step.

Appearance: Large Bulging Muscles, Hardened Claws, Sharpened Fangs, and Two Horns on Head.

Abilities: Death Storm

Ranga evolved into this form during the battle with the Orcs.  This form was much stronger than an Orc General.

(Fenrir)Star Nova Demon Wolf King Variation Edit

This was the name of Ranga's evolution after the harvest festival.

Additional Ability after Harvest Festival. Edit

Goblin Riders couldn't journey with them, however, they gained the unite skill after Rimuru's Harvest Festival.

History Edit

Storm Fanged Wolf Clan evolved into the Star Wolf Clan when their leader Ranga evolved into a Tempest Star Wolf.


They can all use Shadow Step now. They can’t move instantaneously like Souei or Ranga do, but they can easily move faster than sound. And they now move ignoring any obstacle, straight to their target. Closing long distance with every step, they are moving at three times their original speed.


  • Super Olfaction
  • Thought Transmission
  • Intimidation
  • Shadow Movement
  • Black Lightning