Spirit of Time
Biographical Information
Name Spirit of Time
Title(s) Hero
Gender Female
Species Unknown
Professional Information
Debut Information
She is some kind of astral existence, that abandoned her flesh and lived as a mass of energy. Rather than a spirit, she radiated some form of soul energy. At that rate, she would dissipate. To prevent her dissipation, she either needed something to bind her soul, or to reincarnate into a body. Without a body, they’d need to create some system for keeping her here. Which isn’t simple even for a high level spirit.

It is probably she was something born in the future. Something that came from the future, and not a spirit. It is also possible that she possessed Chloe to give birth to herself. If she is born in the future, it’ll cause many problems. The latest events show her to be the time-travelling soul of Chloe herself, hailing from an alternate timeline where, controlled by Yuuki, she brought forth the end of the world, and is currently trying to prevent it.

Appearance Edit

She is a beautiful girl, with silver-black hair, and an oppressive aura that had the vitality unbefitting of a spirit.

Story Edit

During the spirit summoning, when Alice went up to the altar, Celestial Maiden fell for the sky.

She suddenly saw Rimuru and grabbed on to him. And locked her lips around his. Unfortunately, as a ghost, she had no texture. The celestial maiden, with a look full of disappointment, moved to touch Chloe. Ramiris tried to stop her, a black light covered her hands which she shot out at Chloe. Rimuru jumped in front of Chloe to protect her, and it absorbed into his body.

While Rimuru and Ramiris were busy arguing, the celestial maiden overlapped with Chloe and disappeared.