P-087 - Copy
Biographical Information
Name Souka
Aliases Guard Captain
Blessing Tempest Crest
Title(s) Shadow
Gender Female
Species Dragonewt
Evolution Lizardman
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Gold
Relatives Abil (Father)

Gabil (Elder Brother)

Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Tempest
Class Ninja
Rank A [EP: 15,000]
Affiliation Department of Intelligence

Shadow Squad

Post Guard Captain (Formerly)
Debut Information

Gabil’s younger sister, and the Abil's Daughter. She came to Tempest to serve Souei.

Story Edit

She joined Tempest in order to serve Souei, whom she greatly admires. A few of her subordinates from the guard squad followed her.


Extra SkillsEdit

  • Sage EX
  • Magic Power Manipulation
  • Shadow Movement

Daily SkillsEdit

  • Magic Perception
  • Heat Detection

Battle SkillsEdit

  • Fire Breath
  • Lightning Breath


  • Pain Resistance
  • Status Change Resistance
  • Natural Effect Resistance
  • Physical and Spiritual Attack Resistance

Relationships Edit

  • Gabil: Though they always seem hostile, everyone knows they actually treasure each other. Only they themselves don’t notice it.
  • Abil: Her father and chief of the Lizardmen, whom she formerly served as Captain of the Guard.
  • Souei: She has respectful affection toward him.
  • Rimuru: She admires and respects him.

Trivia Edit

  • She's good at pressuring people. This was shown during the Tournament.

Gallery Edit

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