Slothful King Belphegor
怠惰之王 (ベルフェゴール)
Taida no Ou (Berufegooru)
Name Slothful King Belphegor
怠惰之王 (ベルフェゴール)
Taida no Ou (Berufegooru)
User(s) Dino
Skill Type Ultimate Skill
Web Novel Debut Chapter 186

Ultimate Skill Slothful King Belphegor [怠惰之王ベルフェゴール, Taida no OuBerufegooru] have a special ability of increasing the user's power. It could basically increase the users energy by saving it beforehand. There’s a limit to the maximum amount that one could let out at a time, user can go beyond his usual state with that ability, and can get a temporary overwhelming fighting power.



  • Sloth’s power is to cause the person it depraves to become the user's subordinate and at the same time deprive them from their abilities.


  • Fallen Catastrophe (Temptation towards Destruction)
  • Fallen Hypno (Slothful Sleep)
  • Fallen Strike (Fallen Heaven Strike) and Fallen Thanatos (Hypnotic Inducement towards Death)

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