Slime (Viscous Life-form)
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Species Slime (Viscous Life-form)
Rank E class for common species

A [EP:400.000]] (Rimuru)

Web Novel Debut Chapter 1
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Demon Slime

Slimes lack hunger and the need to sleep. They dine on magical energy, and thus have no need for physical nourishment. Where there is poor energy concentration, monsters and small animals serve as an alternative. Slime bodies are a composition of identical cells. Every cell serves as brain cell, nerve ending, and muscle at the same time. Thus, as thought process is undertaken by different cell at different times, sleep is unnecessary.

Slime bodies move with magical energy. Since oxygen is unnecessary, breathing does not occur.

The slimes of energy deprived regions are extremely violent and strong.

Self-awareness is something impossible for a slime. Slime species are typically thoughtless creatures that only absorb, dissolve, and regenerate. They also never leave their territories.


  • Dissolve
  • Absorb
  • Regenerate

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