Saint-Demon Alliance
Name Saint-Demon Alliance
Aliases Alliance of Three Kingdoms
Status Active

Primary ObjectivesEdit

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Establishing trade between the countries involved within the Alliance.
  • Exchange of technology between Tempest and Holy Empire of Ruberius.

Alliance MembersEdit

Results of AllianceEdit

  • The objectives Chloe O’Bell‎‎'s rescue and Yuuki's Subjugation ended in failure, became Yuuki abandoned Freedom Association headquarters and fled fled. But it was not a total waste for:
    • The Alliance completely eliminated Yuuki’s dominion over the Freedom Association
    • Foundation for Tempest embassies in more countries was made.
    • Western Saint’s Church very conveniently filled all the vacancies in the Freedom Association with the Alliance's people.A single Templar was left in each branch, and thus a new control system was created with the Western Saint’s Church at the head.
  • Free Arbitration Committee: A new organization that the Freedom Association and the Western Saint’s Church created. Unlike The International Council, which operates by electing delegates, The Free Arbitration Committee is composed of Freedom Association guild masters. Once it was established it became a method for countries to negotiate on neutral grounds. Sakaguchi Hinata was appointed as the first Committee Chair.

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