Rudra Nam Ul Nasca
Biographical Information
Title(s) Emperor
Age 2000+
Gender Male
Species Human Saint
Evolution Human Sage
Relatives Lucia (sister)
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Country Eastern Empire
Class Royalty
Rank A
Affiliation Eastern Empire
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 136 (Mentioned)

Chapter 149 (Actual)

Рудра ДНП ул Наска является бывшим императором Восточной Империи.

Rudra DNP ul Naska is a former emperor of the Eastern Empire


During his time with Guy Crimson he is considered as Biseinen (Beautiful Adult Man).


A Cold Hearted and Ruthless who'll use any kind Method in order to gain whatever he want

He have tendency to look down on everyone except toward his comrade, Guy Crimson and 4 True Dragon.


Rudra and Guy have been at odds with one another for over two thousand years. He actually named Guy and befriended him over the course of their battles. They fought nearly as equals with Rudra being slightly weaker, but more tricky.

He is Suppressing Justice King Michael from going out of control and has almost reached its limits and be unable to keep his promise with “Star King Dragon Veldanava. His original agreement with Veldanava was that he would use Ultimate Skill Justice King Michael in order to unite all humans together. If he failed then the skill would eliminate all intelligent being. Veldanava recognized the self destructive nature of intelligent beings.

He had asked Damrada to Seek out he who can defeat him Justice King Michael before it go berserking.

He had Order Kondou to kill him if he no longer able to suppress Justice King Michael.


Ultimate Skill Edit

  • Justice King Michael:
    • Armageddon: Allows the use of the Armageddon (Army of Angel).
    • Castle Guard: Absolute Barrier that Block everything that protected inside it , in exchange for that the wielder is unable to do anything and have to use the Energy from Loyal Subordinate in order to maintain the Barrier.
    • Regalia Dominion: Absolute Domination toward the Wielder of Angel Series Ultimate Skill thus it could allow the user to dominate and manipulate the angel series ultimate skill user whether its friend and foe.

Equipment Edit

  • God Grade Armor


  • 「Oh ho? So you came here noticing your owner was stolen? Fool. With the your source of power, your master Veldora, gone, even for a Demon Lord, you’re now just a simple monster. Coming here without a single underling, it seems you don’t possess a shred of intelligence. Make haste, and rid me of this fool!」(Rudra's Comment toward Rimuru's Naivety).
  • 「No way, why? Why, did the effect of my Regalia Dominion…. my “Sovereign Rule” disappear?

Why, was Veldora defeated?! Impossible, that’s just impossible! It was just a lowly Demon Lord, a puny slime! It should have become powerless, after the source of its powers, Veldora, was taken away…. How, could it consume it’s master, and take that power for itself!! I was this close to finally achieving victory against Guy!! To get in the way of my plans…. Unforgivable, you lowly Demon Lord!!」(Rudra's Reaction after Rimuru Took Back Veldora from Him).