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The country of Tempest was found and established by Rimuru with him as its King. Every single monster living within it, from soldiers to citizens to the Executives, swear absolute and eternal loyalty to Rimuru due to his nature and charisma. many of them even worship him as their God while others idolize him as one of the top idols of Tempest. On top of that, if a single sign of insult and disrespect, much less actual insult and disrespect, is showed to their King, the perpetrator is bound to induce their wrath.

True DragonsEdit

Veldora: Rimuru and Veldora became fast friends after meeting each other and are now best friends to each other. Veldora has such a great amount of trust in Rimuru that he allowed Rimuru to devour him the first time in order to be freed from his sealed prison. When Veldora was captured by the Eastern Empire, Rimuru felt a great anger that he never felt before, indicating their closeness to each other as if they're families. Since they named each other, Rimuru and Veldora can be considered son and father or brothers to each other.
Velgrynd: A Soul Corridor was established between Velgrynd and Rimuru after she was devoured by Rimuru using Ultimate Skill Gluttonous King Beelzebub.

Goblins Edit

Rigurdo: The village chief of the first goblin village that Rimuru met and saved. After being saved and named by RImuru, he swore the entire village's loyalty to Rimuru, becoming his first subordinates. As a Goblin King, he is entrusted by Rimuru in governance of the country and its internal affairs, which he performs dutifully.
Rigur: The second son of Rigurdo who, like his father, is also extremely loyal to Rimuru as one of his first subordinates.
Ririna: She is entrusted by Rimuru to manage Tempest's production affair as its supervisor. Like all of citizens of Tempest, she is also extremely loyal to Rimuru.
Gobuta: One of the few Hobgoblins that have the most interactions with Rimuru himself. Rimuru regards Gobuta as a genius though quite an idiot at the same time. Nevertheless, Rimuru trusts him and considers him among his most trusted subordinates as Rimuru appointed Gobuta to be the Commander of the First Corps. During the Evolution Ceremony, he was granted the "right" to address Rimuru casually, indicating that Rimuru considers him as close as friends.

Dwarves Edit

Kaijin: The Dwarf swears loyalty to Rimuru after Rimuru helped him out of his predicament of meeting the quota for providing swords to the Dwarven Kingdom and being exiled from the Kingdom. He helps Rimuru a lot in developing the foundation of Tempest.
Garm,Doldo,Mild: Three brothers that worked with Kaijin and sided with Rimuru during his court hearing when he went to the Dwarf city. They came to live in Tempest after being exiled and contributed greatly to the growth and technological development of the city.

Oni Edit

Benimaru: Benimaru is one of the most loyal servants of Rimuru. Both of them have a very good Master-Servant relationship. He is content with his current position with Rimuru as the Lord he serves. As one of the military commander, he merely wishes to rampage to his heart’s content. In addition, there is a deep trust between them.
Souei: Similar to Benimaru, Souei and Rimuru also has a deep trust between each other as Rimuru always entrusts Souei for intelligence gathering. For Souei, serving under Rimuru fills him with the highest of pleasure as he has wanted to serve under someone who he deems worthy. Between the two of them, Rimuru taught Souei the basics of being a "Ninja", making Souei who he is now.
Hakurou: One of the most loyal servants of Rimuru and out of all of them, Hakurou is probably the one Rimuru respects the most as Rimuru considers him as a grandfather-figure for him as well as for Tempest. Rimuru learns and improves his sword techniques from him.
Shion: Shion is the "secretary" and "bodyguard" of Rimuru. They have a close relationship to each other to the point that Rimuru was full of pain and anger when she was killed because of the "naive rules that he imposed". Thus, he became a Demon Lord in order to revive her and the other victims, and was very glad when she revived. Shion seems to be in love with Rimuru. However, most of the time, Shion continues to incur disappointment within Rimuru due to her failure of being an appropriate "secretary", mostly because of her idiocy and "terrible" cooking. Nevertheless, Shion still strives to be useful to Rimuru and Rimuru appreciates and holds her dear in return.
Shuna: One of Rimuru's most loyal servants. She is entrusted by Rimuru in regards to Tempest's Department of Production. Because of Rimuru's kindness, she falls in love with him. After entrusting and passing all of her skills to the Department of Production. Shuna becomes Rimuru's full-time secretary, which he appreciates the most since Shion is busy and quite a disappointing "secretary". 
Kurobee: Another of Rimuru's most loyal servants. Rimru and Kurobee respects each other as Kurobee is loyal and grateful to his lord while Rimuru appreciates his blacksmith skills. The two often have chat in making new armaments for Tempest based on Rimuru's ideas. 

Demons Edit

Diablo: The most fanatical in his loyalty, he is truly loyal to Rimuru, and will spread calamity if ordered. With his aim being Rimuru's right hand man, Diablo strives harder than anyone in Tempest in order to impress and prove his loyalty Rimuru, such as forming the Black Corps - the strongest Corps in Tempest. Rimuru also sees Diablo as one of his most trusted retainers and gets impressed by him many times due to his outrageous display of his loyalty.
TestarossaUltimaCarrera: These three were among the Demons summoned and recruited by Diabloto serve Rimuru as the then "new" Black Corps. They are the strongest among those recruits. Just like all of Rimuru's subordinates, they swear absolute loyalty and are devoted to Rimuru. They even regard themselves as Rimuru's lowly servants despite being among his most powerful subordinates, and they also kind of worship him as their God.

Humans and Otherworlder Humans Edit

Shizue Izawa: Though she and Rimuru met each other not for long, they have developed quite a bond with each other after discovering themselves being fellow Japanese World Travelers. Shizue is fond of him and trusts him deeply due to his nature, to the point that she requested to be absorbed by Rimuru and entrusted her students to Rimuru as she was dying after Rimuru saved her from being taken over by the Fire Spirit Ifrit. Rimuru is also fond of her as he addresses her as Shizu and strives to fulfill his promise with her. After absorbing Shizu, Rimuru's human form is similar to that of a younger Shizu, albeit with silver hair and golden eyes. It seems Shizu's spirit continues to linger within Rimuru as some sort of a guardian spirit for him.
Garde-Myourmiles: Rimuru had a week’s worth of drinking when Myourmiles to ensure favorable relations considering their future joint endeavors. Rimuru imaginably favors that they become friends. After became a Demon Lord, Myourmiles was offered a position in Tempest as a Minister of business and Publicizing. Seeing a chance to make Myourmiles useful for the future.
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Labyrinth Executors and MonstersEdit

Kumāra: She's loyal to Rimuru for bringing her into the Labyrinth as a means of protecting her. She can be described as a cold and calculating type person. She has difficulty in getting along with those that she sees as naive and impulsive. She does still have some child like tendencies such as getting frustrated when she cannot fully handle a situation.
Zegion: He serves Rimuru with extreme loyalty. This is shown when a group of soldiers accidentally mistook him for Rimuru, Zegion became enraged because this seemed like an insult to his Lord.
Apito: She is extremely loyal to Rimuru.
Adalman: He made Rimuru his new "god", and is extremely loyal to him
Albert: He is very loyal to Rimuru.
  • Dragon Kings: Ramiris' servants
  • Death Dragon
Wenti: To her, Rimuru is her god.

Others Edit

Great Sage/ Wisdom Lord Raphael / Ciel: Manas (God’s Wisdom Core): Has been with Rimuru Tempest from the beginning as a Skill, overtime it started becoming self-aware and Rimuru Having great trust in the Skill assisting him that allowing both to grow strong once called Great Sage was later called Wisdom Lord Raphael now have been given her name Ciel by Rimuru and becoming aware to it's individuality.


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