Rigurudo 「リグル, Rigurudo」 is the goblin village elder and Rimuru Tempest's subordinate.


Rigurdo was unsteady and wrinkled. After evolving into an hobgoblin, he devoloped a robust muscular body, a hobgoblin still in his prime of life.

Personality Edit

Rigurudo is the classic "Only seen when there's trouble" character which becomes a running gag in the story. He was once the goblin chief of the village Rimuru first encounters. His son, Rimur, was killed by Fang Wolves and his people faced annihilation. Desperate he begged Rimuru to save them. He has deep loyalty towards Rimuru for this action and all his proceeding actions only deepened it more.

Plot Edit

After Rimuru saved the village Rigudo was bestowed a name similar to his deceased son by Rimuru, an act that brought him to tears, shortly after, he evolved into a hobgoblin and was given the title Goblin King. He runs the day to day affairs of the village, and only goes to Rimuru for important matters


Rigurdo possesses B rank strength. Being the Goblin King, he is strongest warrior among the goblins.

He’s been talking to merchants and adventurers learning about the human culture.