Biographical Information
Name Reihim
Aliases The Bloodied Teeth
Gender Male
Species Undead
Evolution Human
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Country Ruberios Kingdom
Affiliation Western Saints Church

Blood Shadows

Post Messenger
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut 070
Reihim, the messenger whom Cardinal Nicolas sent to the Farmas Kingdom.


He has a pair of profound pupils that are like a bottomless pit, glimpses of lunacy and an indescribable chill can be felt when one looks him in the eye.

Story Edit

Both of his arms and legs were cleanly burned off by Rimuru. He was then taken prisoner.

As punishment for evoking Rimuru’s wrath a myriad of faces protruded from his body. Still alive, some showed anguished expressions, others of despair. There were even some mad ones smiling. The ones embedded in his body were the Blood Shadows. Rimuru choose to only half kill him making him undead so that “they” continue to suffer.

He was later erased with Hinata’s Disintegration.