Background Edit

Both monsters and adventurers are ranked A~F–all in those 6 categories. Those especially strong have a “+” attached, those weak have a “-“. This was a guidance from the World Traveler, Grand Master Kagurazaka Yuuki. He established this ranking system. Up until then, it was Novice –> Beginner –> Intermediate –>Advanced; a four step system that was easy to understand. And by the way, Advanced is C rank and above, Intermediate is D rank, Beginner is E rank, and Novice is F rank. Thus, the number of deaths due to fighting stronger than expected monsters greatly decreased.

"+" and "-" only appear at A,B and C Rank.

Those of the same rank would be a match in a one on one. Thus, fighting in a party became safer. Surpassing A rank is the specially designated Demon Lord level S rank, and above even this stands the monster with the strength of a Natural Disaster, Special S rank. Deviating from the standard ranking system, an abnormal existence. At the present, an A class monster is capable of jeopardizing the existence of a country. A strength capable of inducing despair.

If adventures are going to hunt for rank B+ monsters, multiple adventurers of the same rank are needed (At least 3 or more people). Even if 10 adventurers with rank B tried to subdue it, even if they were successful, there would surely be casualties. Furthermore, just because a sighting was confirmed, it didn’t mean that the subjugation can be begin immediately. Normally, there are not many rank B+ adventurers stay at the frontier; the problem is that monsters would appear too frequently.

The ogre village, though perhaps it was too small to call it that, only housed 300 ogres. 300 B rank monsters. That is the size of a country’s knights order. If you are planning on subjugating such a village with rank B- knights, you’d need about 3,000 of them.

B Rank and below adventures aren’t famous enough to be known outside their borders.

A Rank Human is Considered as Hero by Human Country

Difference Rank between Human and Monster Edit

Rank for Human and Adventurer is decide by their Skill while Monster is decide by its Magic Amount EP: not by their skill thus even tought there are Monster with same A Rank sometime there's very large difference in their power.

while Highest Rank for Monster is Special S, Highest Rank for Human is only A Rank there aren't A+ Rank Human no matter how strong s/he is.

Disaster Rank for Monster Edit

  1. Special S Rank
  2. S Rank
  3. A+ Rank ~200000~
  4. A Rank ~140000~
  5. A- Rank
  6. B+ Rank
  7. B Rank ~5000~8000~
  8. B- Rank
  9. C+ Rank
  10. C Rank ~3000~
  11. C- Rank
  12. D Rank
  13. E Rank
  14. F Rank

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