Ramiris' Labyrinth
Vital statistics
Type Labyrinth
Level 100
Location Great Jura Forest
Inhabitants Dragons

Elve Gyuuki Dryad treants Undead Insect

This labyrinth was created using Ramiris's Species Skill Labyrinth Creation. The labyrinth is apart of Tempest and it is also Ramiris’ territory. When Rimuru gave Ramiris permission to establish the labyrinth, he also granted her extraterritorial rights on that place. The inside of the labyrinth is under both Rimuru and Ramiris’ control, it was a special area under the administration of a joint sovereignty. Veldora is the final boss of the labyrinth and rules over the dungeon while Ramiris supervises it.

The labyrinth was created via a number of blocks. That was, once every few days they could change its layout. Every ten floors they set up save points. Upon reaching this point, the next time one enters one can continue from where one left off. To that end, they decided to grant licenses to adventurers to use magic teleportation circles.

While in the labyrinth, Veldora constantly flaunts his aura, because if he keeps it in for too long, releasing it will create an explosion. So a place for him to do so was needed. The Cave of the Seal could not completely restrain all of Veldora’s aura. That’s why Rimuru had the dungeon be made 100 floors deep and freely release his aura. As for it’s true purpose, once the magic concentration increases, monsters will naturally spawn. As it trickles upwards, the upper floors are occupied by small fries with strong beings further in.

The revival item called bracelet of revival is also recognized by Ramiris, so anyone who wears it will not die. But, it’ll has no effect outside this dungeon. The charm made by Ramiris’s Labyrinth Creation. It will only work once. Any death that occurred in the labyrinth will be negated, and the user will be returned to the surface. It will activate ten seconds after death has been confirmed. There’s also an emergency escape item that returns the user to the surface. These safeguards are sold at the entrance. Whether they buy these or not is their choice. But if they don’t and they die, they only have themselves to blame.

Kurobee gave Rimuru the prototype armors and weapons, to put into treasure chests inside the dungeon and have special monsters guard them.

Surrounding the Labyrinth is a satellite City Or satellite town which later named as Labyrinth gard and located somewhat near to Tempest but is mostly independent of the larger metropolitan Tempest Allows merchants to sell to adventures and building inn so to build profit that can benefit Labyrinth and Tempest In emergencies situations the Labyrinth satellite town for safety

  • Cultivating dolls

Like the possessing for Homunculus All it Needs is a Spirit/soul how the Dryads and Treants that are close to Spiritual life forms so the Treant and Dryad as wall the Demons could gain a stronger bodies

the Dryads had many female types, and the Treants had many male types Treants didn’t seem to pay too much attention to the body’s appearance the concern mainly from the Dryad.

The Insect floors had many other endangered species

A training ground for The Demons subordinates

After Great Tenma War, Rimuru decide to turn all floor 51 - 94 as experiment facility due the floor boss become too strong thus making ordinary Human unable to defeat them and allow for free passage into floor 95 forest city for adventure who manage to pass floor 50.

Floors Edit

A safe zone was created every 10 floors. There is a Boss room before each, so they can only access it after they defeat the boss. There, they will be able to purchase magic stones, sell drops, and buy potions at very high prices.

1 Edit

The first floor difficulties is for testing only. So any beginner could finish it. The roads are wide, so getting lost is unlikely. The first floor of this dungeon is 250m2 square shaped room. It is a floor that makes one walks a lot without any result/income. It’s the same size as 4 Tokyo Domes, As one continues further down, the size gets smaller. The dungeon was created this way so the aura can spread well.

2 Edit

From then on, starting with the 2nd floor it’s not that easy. It’s time for the traps, however, there isn’t a single brutal trap up until the tenth floor.

95 Edit

The 95th floor was established as the residence of the treants to reside. Thus it became a floor of overgrown greeneries. That floor has a widest area, with a diameter of 5 km. Around the door that leads to the 96th floor is the last save point and an inn and etc., before the boss. A business like equipment shop was set up, it offers high quality weapons and armors in their storefront, which can only be found and purchased there. But since the customers visiting will be very rare, opening the shop will just be a hobby.

Surrounding the area is the completed treant village and Dryad Thanks to the thick magical power concentration, everyone can live vividly. It became a forest-type city. A city that confer solace, for those who suffered many struggles to penetrate the forest. The Labyrinth City, the flourishing metropolis of illusions. A town that would come to serve as the greatest reward to anyone who could manage to finally reach it.

The Elves also live on the 95th floor.

Dragon/Terrain FloorsEdit

The dragon/terrain floors were arranged in order of strength, fire>ice>wind>earth. The dragons use the aura that Veldora released as food, so they can live there with no problem. The tamed dragons were assigned as Ramiris’s subordinates.

96 Edit

96th floor is Tremor Floor, as to ridicule the one that managed to come this far, a fiendish earthquake will befall them. Guarded by Dragon King Euros.


97th floor is Lighting Floor, the threat of lighting falling down from the sky. Whether one can break through this floor or not depend on one’s luck. Guarded by Dragon King Notos.

98 Edit

98th floor is Ice Hell Floor, if one stops, they die. Can be endured with cold-resistant equipment. Gaurded by Dragon King Boreas.

99 Edit

99th floor is Flame Hell Floor, being covered in high temperature flame, the last gateway. Heat-resistant equipment is needed. Guarded by Dragon King Zephyrus.

100 Edit

On the 100th floor is an entrance leading to the spirits’ labyrinth. Veldora is the strongest guardian to protect this gate. Veldora’s room is 100m2 wide. It was created so it can be expanded if it’s ever inconvenient. The inner walls of the room were created out of ore, it eventually turned into demonic steel soon after getting bathed with magic power.

Tactical Class Military Operated Battle Command Post Edit

Aka the Control Room

It can be used for Physics Magic and surveillance as well military tactical strategy planning

Established next to Veldora private quarters in the 100th floor of the dungeon, it’s possible to come in and out from Tempest’s Strategy Conference Hall many other Important facilities was fundamentally inside the dungeon

Training rooms created for individual training.

Floor strongest individualsEdit

The strongest individuals in the labyrinth.

Guardian of the 90 floor, Nine Head Beast Kumāra

Formerly Guardian of the 80 floor, Insect Kaiser Zegion now the Guardian Overseer

Floor Boss of the 79 floor, Insect Queen Apito

Guardian of the 60 floor, Ghost King Adalman

Vanguard of the 60 floor, Death Paladin Albert

Guardian of the 50 floor, Gozurl and Mezurl

Dragon KingEdit

They were named according to the Floors they governed and They all attained beautiful humanoid forms.

Fire Hell Dragon King’ Zephyrus

Ice Hell Dragon King’ Boreas

Lightning Dragon King’ Notos

Tremor Dragon King’ Euros

Death Dragon Edit

Gehennic Dragon King’ Wenti

Traps Edit

  • Poisoned Arrow: Arrows smeared with poison come flying out of nowhere.
  • Poison Swamp: A swamp that is really poisonous. If one falls into one, they’ll get poison damage and abnormal status.
  • Turning Tile: Drive one’s sense of direction mad.
  • Moving Tile: A floor that moves all by it’s own.
  • Cutting Thread: If one passes by it without realizing, one’s head will comes off. Combined with moving tile for brutal results.
  • Pitfall: Rather than the damage dealt by falling down, what’s awaiting one when they fall is scarier.
  • False Treasure Box (Mimic): A false treasure box, that is actually a monster.
  • Laughing Treasure Box: A laughing monster treasure box.
  • Monster Room
  • Sealing Room
  • Darkness Floor
  • Low Ceiling Floor
  • Terrain Effect Floor
  • Airtight Room: If one suddenly enter into a room without air, they’ll fall from not being able to breath, at worst die. It is recommended for one to use wind magic for ventilation.