Purity King Metatron
Name Purity King Metatron
User(s) Leon Cromwell
Skill Type Ultimate
Web Novel Debut Chapter 131
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This Ultimate Skill draws the purest energy possible from power, magic, aura, and skill The attribute is Light=Purification. This attribute specialized in purifying demons, in other words, it’s an ability fitting for a Hero.


  • Holy Breakdown (36th Style Annihilation’s Light of Holy Spirit Purification): It was a wild dance of photons that broke down the things it touched. It was Leon’s greatest and strongest wide area annihilation ability.
  • Triangle Pyramid (Sacred Tetrahedron Demon Sealing Barrier): A small tetrahedron with four pillars made from crystallized spirits grew large and in accordance to users will. The ultimate holy attribute barrier that even surpassed Holy Field. with the effect:eternity, where the captured person was confined. It was a high-class sealing technique that rivaled unique skill Infinite Prison. Furthermore, when the barrier’s effect activated, it sucked magic power from the target and used it to reinforce the barrier’s strength. So, no matter how much energy it possessed, the target would vanish eventually when its energy runs out.

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