Prideful King Lucifer
傲慢之王 (ルシファー)
Gouman no Ou (Rushifaa)
Name Prideful King Lucifer
傲慢之王 (ルシファー)
Gouman no Ou (Rushifaa)
User(s) Guy Crimson
Skill Type Ultimate
Web Novel Debut Chapter 83
Abyss God Nodens

The Ultimate Skill Prideful Skill Lucifer [傲慢之王 (ルシファー), Gouman no Ou (Rushifaa)] is used by Demon Lord Guy Crimson.


The user can copy another Ultimate Skill but the user have to see it. If the user analyses the Ultimate Skill, it could be reproduced into 90% of its True Potential, but if the user doesn't analyse the skill then it could only use 40% of its true potential.

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