The Palace of White Ice, a beautiful castle, ruled by Demon Lord Guy Crimson. Located on the Ice Continent.

The Ice Terrace is located on the highest floor. Even though it opens up to the outside, snow is not permitted entry. The environment is optimized for life. The chairs are made of ice, however, they do not feel the cold. This room was made for Leon’s enjoyment.

Military Edit

Guy commands over 200 powerful greater demons, each is a named demon so their power greatly surpasses that of a normal greater demon, easily surpassing A rank. Named greater demons differ from normal ones as they possess a corporeal body in this world. So each could easily rival a high ranking devil.

Leading them are six named archdemons, whose battle power surpasses any devil. These six demon generals are pseudo-demon lord level demons.

Ruling over all of them as Demon Lord Guy Crimson’s left and right hands. Demon officers Mizari and Hirari, these two women serve as the Demon Lord’s spokesmen, possessing power that rivals a demon lord.

Among the highest beings of the castle, the job of these demon officials is nothing more than to care for Demon Lord Guy Crimson. These girls are nothing more than tools. So any motion that was not specifically ordered of them would lead to certain and quick death. In fact, even if Guy was attacked, they would not move. Guy is their supreme master, so worrying over his health is disrespectful.

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