Orc Disaster Gelmudo (豚頭魔王オーク・ディザスターゲルミュッド Ōku Dizasutā Gerumyuddo, lit. "Pig Head [= Orc] Demon Lord"), formerly Orc Lord (豚頭帝オークロード Ōku Rōdo, lit. "Pig Head [= Orc] Emperor"), was feared as the devourer of worlds and after devouring Gelmudo declared himself a Demon Lord, but was killed by Rimuru when he launched an attack on Tempest.

Appearance Edit

A monstrous and ugly pig-faced orc.

This pig is highly skilled at being ugly.

Background Edit

The Orc Lord is a unique monster that hold powerful ruling abilities over the orcs. Appearing once every few hundred years. Causing violence across the world, a horrible monster. He was the one who attacked the ogre village that Benimaru and the other ogres escaped from.

Abilities Edit

His physical strength has surpassed Shion’s whose physical strength already enchanted by Herculean Strength.

After devouring Gelmudo, the Orc Lord who was moving on instinct alone, finally acquired self-awareness. Declaring himself a Demon Lord, the Demon Lord Orc Disaster Gelmudo, evolved with strength beyond comparison of an Orc Lord. The Demon Lord Orc Disaster most formidable ability is his tremendous regeneration ability.

He doesn’t have any heat resistance abilities. But it’s not a mortal wound, because he clads himself in his aura, it seems to had similar effect with heat resistance.


  • Gaki no kōshinenbu (Death March Dance): It is he obtained from Gelmudo. But, the power level is different. Similar to Benimaru’s black flame prison (hellflare), nothing remained on its surrounding. Although its power is not absolute, it doesn’t give damage to the person touching it, instead it will give them corrosion effect. Quality, power, range. If all of it combined it will become a certain kill attack. However, the speed is slow.

Unique SkillsEdit

  • Starving Ones: This skill, bestowed upon his subordinates as well, allows them to eat anything and everything in sight. A truly terrible skills. One of the effects of the unique skill Starving Ones. They were as much one swarm as they were an individual. Again, quite similar to the shared evolution of the Fanged Wolves. Although they could not obtain all the abilities of those that ate, they could still acquire some of their special features.
    • Chaos Eater: It corrodes everything it touches, using his essence. In fact, this skill is one of the ability of the Unique skill Starving Ones. Its effect is corroding and decomposing every material he come in contact with. When the resistance failed to resist the corrosion, death will visit the living creature.


Meat Crusher: A butcher's knife

Relationships Edit

Gelmudo Edit

The Demon Lord Orc Disaster fulfilled Gelmudo’s ambition to become a Demon Lord, but it just that. The Orc Lord without self-awareness was loyal to him.