The Orc Army was an massive army of 200.000 orc soldiers that were under the command of the Orc Lord.


There was a massive famine in the Magic Contient and the Demon Lords refused to help so the starving Orcs decided to flee. Their Starvation gave rise to the Orc Lord, who was then deceived by Gelmundo, which lead to the start of the war. 

The orc army was an army lead by Orc Disaster who was the Orc Lord.  The army had 200,000 orc soldiers that were driven by the Orc Lord's skill called Starving Ones.  Using this ability the orcs were able to overpower monsters such as Ogres, whom they were naturally much weaker than.  Thier horrific distruction of the Ogre village resulted in the six ogres joining Rimuru.  They then began their full invasion of Jura Forest and set their sights on the Lizardman City. 


  • Orc Lord
    • Orc Disaster
  • Orc Army General
    • 5 Orc Army Generals
    • Power of B+ Rank
    • Commands 2,500 Orc Knights
    • Abilities
      • Chaos Eater (Kanrangue) - Allows the eating of a magical attack and apply corruption aura to enemy
  • Orc Knights
    • Base Strength C Rank
    • Full Black Plate Armor which raises power
  • Clan Chiefs
    • Leaders of the standard Orc Soldiers and Clans

Abilities Edit

Starving One Edit

The unique skill Starving One from the Orc Lord allowed for the orcs to gradually obtain the abilities of the ones they ate. This ability is not able to perfectly replicate the skills, but allowed for the orcs that ate the Ogres to become stronger and the Orcs that ate Lizard men were able to move freely through the mud and swamp as well as grow scales around their vital areas.

War with Lizardmen and TempestEdit

Lizardman Head was told by Souei that Tempest would send assistance in five days and that they only needed to hold out until then. He also instructed them not to attack the Orcs Army head on without them.

Gabil usurped his father and decided to fight the Orc Army head on on the fourth day, the day before Tempest arrives. They initially had the advantage of speed in the swamp, however once the Orcs began to eat the Lizardmen the advantage quickly disappeared as the Orcs gained the Lizardmen's abilities. Gabil noticed this too late and was outflanked by 5000 Orcs which cut off their escape.

Rimuru's Army consists of Shion, Benimaru, Souei, Hakurou and Ranga. He also brings the Storm Fanged Wolf Clan with goblin riders. They arrive a day early to find Gabil had betrayed his father and tried to attack on his own.

Rimuru begins by sprouting wings and observing the battle from above while commanding his subordinates.

Shion, Hakurou and Souei's Clones go to neutralize with out killing four particularly strong individuals. However they find that they are High Devils that specialize in reconnaissance and Rimuru tells them that they can eliminate them if they wish. So they do. Shion proceeds to eviscerate the Orc Soldiers creating a 10 m shockwave with every swing, while Hakurou was cutting down the Generals.

Benimaru and Ranga go to help the Lizardman Army. The Goblin Riders are found to be extremely effective, but Benimaru wants to fight, so he tells them to stop. Ranga Shadow Steps to Gabil, while Benimaru "walks" over to the Lizardmen. He starts off his attack with firing a 1m diameter fireball at 600 kph which expands to 100m. (Hell Flare). This caused the Orcs to panic and disburse. Ranga appears at Gabil who was about to lose to an Orc General. Ranga evolves into a Tempest Storm Wolf and uses Death Storm to vaporize the Orc General and many Orc Knights.

Souei goes to the Lizardman Head's chamber where he, 1200 soldiers and women and children are. He generates 4 clones and sends one down each of the four tunnels and slaughters the Orcs with steel thread. Once the Orcs retreat out of the tunnels he allows his clones to take care of the rest while he returns to Rimuru's side.

Once the Orc Forces were reduced by 30% the Orc Lord reveals himself and consumes two Orc Generals. Then Gelmundo arrives and shoots Gabil. Rimuru then beats up Gelmundo. The Orc Lord then eats Gelmundo and evolves into a Demon Lord Orc Disaster. Benimaru uses Hell Flare, but no effect. Ranga uses Black Lightning which chars his whole body, but he eats his Orc Soldiers and regenerates. Shion trys to fight, but is overwhelmed physically. Hakurou cuts him in half and his head off, but he regenerates. Souei tries to bind him while he fights Hakurou, but Orc Disaster's Chaos Eater ability corrodes everything it touches.

Rimuru then feels joy as he is finally able to recognize someone as an enemy. As he fights the Orc Disaster he turn on Great Sage's Battle Mode. Rimuru cuts off an arm and sets a black flame to constantly burn the regeneration away. Orc Disaster cuts off the flame and regenerates his arm to fight, but only to have his weapon eaten. Orc Disaster tries to disolve Rimuru. Rimuru melts his body into a slime and covers Orc Disaster. Rimuru uses Dissolve, Absorb and Predator. He convinces Orc Disaster that he will absorb all of the Orc's sins and thus is able to calm Orc Disaster so that he can dissolve him.


There were 150,000 survives of the Orc Army. Rimuru decides that no punishment is necessary. He splits them into four districts the Mountain District, Mountain Base District, River District and the Forest District. Rimuru would provide technical support, while the Orcs worked hard in return.

The provisions for the 150,000 Orcs who brought no supplies was solved by Dryad "Layato." She originally planned on killing the Orc Lord, but since it had been completed she and the Treants wanted to join the Jura Forest Coalition. Upon allowed entry into the Coalition the Dyrads and Treants provided provisions for the Orcs.

Rimuru names the orcs using numbers and their district to prevent them from going wild once they devolve into lower ranking monsters. It takes him 10 days. They evolved into high orcs with a C Rank, but no master-servant relationship was formed since Rimuru didn't use magical energy. They became smarter and are now able to adapt to make sue of any situation. They were then escorted to their lands by 10 goblin riders each.

The Orc General decides to serve Rimuru and is named Gerudo while the 2000 Black Armor Orc Elites all evolved into High Orcs. They were named the yellow corps and were named with numbers. Their rank almost surpassed a C+ rank. Gerudo is almost rank A.

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