Marquis Muller of the Farmas Kingdom. A part of the noble faction with Earl Hermann as his follower.

Muller proposed sending a messenger to communicate with Tempest, to reduce the menace of the monsters. This would have created benefits from short term trades. Then, Famas would gain tax from defending tourist locations when people from other countries came for tourism. In addition, if the safety was even more appealed, trade with the Dwargon will become even more prosperous.

Marques Muller and Earl Herrman have concerns about the forest defenses since their territories are bordering the forest. In addition, Marquis Muller’s territory also borders Burmund, so they have a good relationship.

Relationships Edit

  • King of Brumund: Marquis Muller is a distant relative of the King of Burmund, the two are actually on good terms. Due to the fact he was a Marquis of a big country, they apparently don’t show intimacy when in contact with each other, but behind all this they’re actually close friends. Muller is also under his patronage.
  • Count Hermann: Hermann is the protégé of Marquis Muller.

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