Biographical Information
Name Mizari
Title(s) True Demon Lord
Gender Female
Species Demon King
Evolution Demon Duke
Status Alive
Professional Information
Rank S
Affiliation Palace of White Ice
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 78
Mizari [ミザリ, Mizari] is a Demon King and one of the strongest and loyal subordinates of Demon Lord Guy Crimson.

Personality Edit

While completely making herself seem unimportant. She is the embodiment of discipline itself. A true professional.

Appearance Edit

She is a beautiful woman who wears a black maid outfit.

Background Edit

Guy granted the wish of his powerless summoner and destroyed an enemy nation. As payment, he destroyed the summoner’s country. And with this, though it was unnecessary, he noticed his awakening as a true demon lord. The two Archdemons he summoned to destroy the first country, Mizari and Hirari, evolved into demon officials after destroying the latter one. And, he permitted them to continue serving him.