Military Technologies and Arms and Magic===

*Cultivating demon dolls

*Surveillance satellites

*The shields devices

*Different levels of armor and weapons from low-grade to high-grade:

: -Magic Swords: high-purity Demon Steel weapons inserted with high-purity magic stones/gems

Magic/Element Core: According to the attribute of the magic power in the stone/gem, it classified into one of the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind. These magic gems that grant the attributes is called Element Core.
Details: The Magic Swords are made with small, empty and round holes the size of a marble at the base of each swords, maximum 3 holes. The Elemental Cores are to be inserted into these holes to grant elemental attributes to the Magic Swords. It is possible to change the attributes by changing combination order of the Elemental Cores though it can only be combined with one attribute per hole.

Transfer (Teleport)series: the magic formations of the transfer series can only jump to the point of a predestined location.If there is the image of the present location and the destination it is possible for the Spatial Transfer (Teleport) series, but there’s still a need to calculate the correlation of the positional information correctly. It seems to be easy, but it’s an unexpectedly difficult skill.

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