Biographical Information
Name Mild
Gender Male
Species Dwarf
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Relatives Garm (older brother)

Doldo (older brother)

Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Dwargon (formerly)


Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 16
Manga Debut Chapter 5
Mild is younger brother of Garm and Doldo. Though he was a dwarf of few words, he was an expert at what he does. Having knowledge in construction, and well-versed in the arts, he is a one of a kind genius.

Mild was appointed as the captain of the construction team.

Personality Edit

He is rather clumsy in regards to general living. He was never the kind to lie. Or rather, they just wasn’t skillful enough in telling lies.

Background Edit

Blessed only in their respective specializations, they were hopeless when it came to planning things or business trades, which was why they were frequently taken advantage of by the people around them. And so, their shop was taken over by a person they had trusted in, and what was more, they even fell into a trap laid by a fellow apprentice who was jealous of their talents, and ended up literally kicking an officer of the king and were under watch by the country.

Having nowhere else to go to, they chose to rely on Kaijin, who was their childhood friend as well as the big brother of the group. He had decided to shelter three brothers into his shop and hire them to work for him. However, there was no work to entrust to them. While Kaijin’s shop mainly sold weapons, his other goods were bought from other suppliers. Since he personally made his weapons, there would be no problem in receiving assistance in regards to that, however, he feared that unnecessary troubles would occur if his shop suddenly stopped trading with the other suppliers and began self­-producing armors and crafts. This was why he had tasked the three brothers with overseeing laborers in the gathering of ores and raw materials.

Mild­ once rejected a request from Minister Bester to build a house that he wanted. Bearing a grudge from that incident, the Minister had repeatedly harassed Mild to the point where he was starting to think about escaping from the country.


Garm Edit

Garm is Mild's older brother, he is the oldest of the three. Mild is the youngest.

Doldo Edit

The middle brother, older than Mild but younger than Garm.

Shuna Edit

The three brothers became close friends to Shuna. Often cooking together, buying her wares, trying to get closer to her. A house was built for them to stay in during their visits.