Mark Lauren
Biographical Information
Name Mark Lauren
Age 26
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Eastern Empire

Defected to Tempest

Class Warrior
Rank Estimated A [EP: 73,000]
Affiliation Eastern Empire
Kagurazaka Yuuki
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut 144

Appearance Edit

He had a large, sturdy build, and brown hair. With his fine, chiseled features, he had a considerably good appearance.

He doesn't wear heavy equipment like iron armor, instead he wears chain mail made from weaved steel fiber, and a coat over it.

Personality Edit

He has a bad temper.

Dislikes Damrada's lavish life style to the point where it can make him very angry. The was due to Mark's jealousy at being forced to live the life of an army dog not being able to afford any of the nicetites of a higher rank officer.

He doesn't seem particularly smart of up to date on current events as he did not know that the Ten Demon Lords Became the Eight Star Demon Lords.

Background Edit

He was a First Lieutenant in the Eastern Empire's army.

One of the World Travelers, or as some call them "Foreigners". He is one of the three people sent by Kagurazaka Yuuki to research Tempest's underground labyrinth.

Defected to Tempest accepted as discretion

Story Edit

Shinjy, Zhen and Mark are ordered to try to reach the bottom of the labyrinth by Damrada to see if there is a research laboratory at the bottom.

Mark is able to use his ability to defeat a great number of enemies and is able to use his newly found battle ax to defeat many of the Ghost type beings.

They are able to make it further than anyone else ever has, however they are easily found out to be spies by Rimuru. Rimuru simply observes them, and they are beaten by Adalman on the 60th floor to Rimuru's surprise. They all find Tempest to be a very nice place to live and that it has a lot of the luxuries that they miss from the their home world. They return to the Eastern Empire and discus with Gadra what happened where Gadra concludes that it would be best for them to defect to Tempest. So they do.

They take up their post working as researchers for Ramiris.

Abilities / Weapons Edit

Armor: Chain Mail woven from steel thread

Weapon: Unique Battle Axe - Minos Bardiche it is made from Mithril.

Unique Skills Edit

  • Thrower: Could throw anything. As long as it was graspable, it was possible to throw anything, even a monster.