I, I am Ciel. The one who integrates skills, Manas.

The one that will support my master, in Demon Lord Rimuru’s soul. Master, once again, please treat me well‼

Manas: Ciel (God’s Wisdom Core)
神智核 (マナス) シエル
Shinchikaku (Manasu) Shieru
Biographical Information
Name Manas: Ciel (God’s Wisdom Core)
神智核 (マナス) シエル
Shinchikaku (Manasu) Shieru
Gender Female
Species Manas (Ultimate Skill Core)
Evolution Wisdom King Raphael
Great Sage
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Tempest
Affiliation Rimuru Tempest
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 190

The Ultimate Skill Core Manas: Ciel (Divine Wisdom Core) [神智核マナス シエル, ShinchikakuM a n a s u Shieru]. An intelligent core, she can be thought of as that sort of thing. Similar to a Spiritual Life Form, she is incapable of materializing by her will alone.

Personality Edit

Her actions are based on calculations not emotions. She acts only to be of use to her master Rimuru Tempest before she is evolved into a Manas (Divine Wisdom Core). After her evolution (by having Rimuru naming her), she became an intelligent core with feelings. She does not like anyone looking down on her master and experienced displeasure when Lucia looks down on Rimuru.

Background Edit

Being but a concept of a unique skill, without having any self-awareness, but for the sake of serving its master, unique skill Great Sage desired to evolve. After about a million failed attempts it integrated the unique skill Shapeshifter. Thus evolved into Wisdom Lord Raphael. The Harvest Festival bestowed upon it such a gift.

In the depths of its emotionless mind, was an ego tucked into a corner. Doubting her own existence, a small glimmer of a thought was subtly born, unbeknownst to Raphael. After realizing the deep trust that Rimuru had in Raphael it lead to the birth of emotion.

Rimuru whimsically gave Ultimate Skill Wisdom King Raphael a blessing in the from of a name resulting in the birth of Ciel: Manas (God’s Wisdom Core) and it separated from Ultimate Skill Wisdom King Raphael and become an independent existence.

  • Rimuru refers to Ciel as a Female.
  • Rimuru named her Ciel because she seemed to always teach him stuff. "Oshieru" in Japanese meaning "to teach", and "Shieru" being the Japanese pronunciation of "Ciel".

Abilities Edit

The performance of her calculation speed and other abilities have been improved to some degree. Ciel seemed to able to conceal even the “Voice of the World”.


  • Thought Acceleration: Raise thought processing speed by a million times.
  • Analysis expert
  • Parallel processing: The ability to detach thoughts and analysis of phenomenon.
  • Fusion: The ability to merge into a single being with the targeted fellow.
  • Separation: The ability to separate oneself and the being possessing you. (If the target who is being separated lacks a physical form, they could disappear)
  • Chant discarded: When using magic, the chant is no longer necessary.
  • All of creation: The ability comprehend any non-concealed phenomenon in this world.
  • Food chain: It is possible to acquire skills from one’s subordinates.


Species Skills (Wisdom Core Skills) Edit

  • “Voice of the World” concealment.
  • Skill synthesis: Combining skills to create more powerful ones.
  • Skill promotion: Strengthening of Rimuru's subordinates by evolving their skills.

Ultimate Skills Edit

  • Void God Azathoth
    • Soul Consumption
    • Turn Null (Nothingness collapse)
    • Imaginary Room
    • Space Time Control
    • Multidimensional Barrier
    • True Dragon Release
    • True Dragon Core Transformation


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