Major battles and Minor battles winners and losers
Battle Information
  • Rimuru and Goblins versus Fanged Wolves - Rimuru killed the Fanged Wolf Leader and the remaining Fanged Wolved surrendered to Rimuru.
  • Tempest Army and Lizardmen versus Orc Lord's Army - Tempest arrived as reinforcements for the Lizardmen and annihilated a portion of the Orc Lord's Army, Tempest won the war with Rimuru "absorbed" the Orc Lord.
  • Rimuru versus Farmas Kingdom Army and The Western Saints Church Army - Rimuru singlehandedly annihilated the human army leaving the Farmas Kingdom's King as the only survivor and all before becoming a Demon Lord.
  • Tempest Army versus The Wesern Saints Church's Holy Knights - Tempest achieved total victory with no casualties on both sides:
    • Yomigaeri, Wolf Riders and Hiryuu versus 60 Holy Knight - Tempest troops neutralized the Holy Knights with sleeping drug.
    • Rimuru versus Hinata- Rimuru defeated Hinata and they reconciled.
    • Diablo versus Arnaud's Squad - Diablo dominated the battle with his overwhelming strength.
    • Souei versus Grenda 's Squad - Souei neutralized the entire squad and "tortured" Grenda
    • Gabel, Gobuta and the Shadow Squad (except Souei) versus Gregory's Squad - The Tempest Squad successfully defeated the Knights.
    • Ranga versus Fritz's Squad - Ranga defeated and overwhelmed the Knights.
    • Shion versus Leonard's Squad - Shion defeated and overwhelmed the Knights while cutting their limbs off.
  • Tempest versus Eastern Empire War - Tempest's total victory with the total annihilation of Eastern Empire's Invasion Force
    • Tempest's First Corps versus Eastern Empire's Armored Corps tanks - Gobuta and Ranga wrecked most of the tanks, the First Corps and Blue Corps swept up the remaining force, Testarossa killed the commanders of the Tanks Force.
    • Tempest's Third Corps versus Eastern Empire's Armored Corps airship - Hiryuu decimated the airships with one member per airships while Ultima killed the commanders of the Airship Force and obtained information regarding the Eastern Empire.
    • Labyrinth Monsters versus Eastern Empire's Armored Corps Labyrinth Subjugation Force - Total annihilation of the Labyrinth Subjugation Force with no casualties for the Labyrinth Monsters due to their overwhelming strength and the Labyrinth's "Hell Mode".
    • Tempest's Second Corps, Fourth Corps and Yomigaeri versus Eastern Empire's Armord Corps Tempest Captial Subjugation Force - Total annihilation of the Empire's Capital Subjugation Force with Yomigari wrecking havoc their vanguards, Carrera decimating their reserves and Diablo killing their commanders.
    • Storm Dragon Veldora versus Scorching Dragon Velgrynd and Eastern Empire - Veldora lost due to being shot by Kondou Tatsuya, sealed by Magic Cancellers and controlled by Rudra's Ultimate Skill.
    • Rimuru Tempest and Wisdom Lord Raphael versus Scorching Dragon Velgrynd and Storm Dragon Veldora - Rimuru won by devouring and freeing Veldora and later capturing Velgrynd.
    • Rimuru Tempest versus the Eastern Empire's Airships - The "Sword of Tempest" destroyed a number of the airships and created a natural disaster.
    • Black Corps/Numbers versus Eastern Empire's Imperial Guards and Beast Corps
      • Diablo Versus
      • Testarossa versus Beast King”Gradim and the Beast Corps - Testarossa annihilated most of the Beast Corps and finished off Gradim
      • 100 Demon Chevaliers versus the Beast Corps - the Demons left no survivors
      • Demons led by Moss,Zonda and Cien versus Eastern Empire's Airships
      • Ultima versus Damrada/Royal Knight No.2 and Royal Knights No. 6-10
      • Veyron, Agera, Espirit versus Royal Knights No. 3-5
      • Carrera versus Kondo Tatsuya/Royal Knight No.1 Carrera won because of interference from another
  • Velgrynd versus Rimuru angry believe her brother Wes kill by Rimuru
  • Ultima versus Vega eliminating Vega
  • Yuuki’s stealing Ultimate Skills Armageddon kille the Emperor
  • The Emperor Rudra's funeral was conducted

Rimuru declared he reign of the Capital Eastern Empire's

  • Dino versus Beretta and others

Zegion versus Dino- Zegion annihilated Dino or so it should have been But Was able to escape

  • Dino,Pico,Gracia versus Tempest executors -Dino,Pico,Gracia retreat

location information List Edit

The Great Jura Forest marshes country Tempest of the Great Jura Forest Ocean/sea The Eastern Empire

Abilities/skills useEdit

Misaitoayazenjin/Thread Manipulation Absorption Sword of Tempast Ultimate Skills Armageddon Ultimate Skills Sandalphon the Executioner Ultimate Skill Death Zone King Belial Ultimate skill "Poisonous Death King Samael" Ultimate skill "Death King Abaddon"

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