Furuki Mai
Biographical Information
Name Furuki Mai
Title(s) Seven Angel of Punishments
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Human

Seraphim (formerly)

Hair Color Black
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Eastern Empire (formerly)


Affiliation Eastern Empire (formerly)

Mixed Corps (formerly)
Kagurazaka Yuuki (formerly)
Rimuru Tempest

Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 189

Appearance Edit

A Beautiful Black Hair girl with the appearance similiar to a japanese doll.

Her atmosphere is similiar like Shuna.

Personality Edit

She is your typical Strict Class President and have a Strong will and never give up since unlike most other World Travelers who gave up on return to former world yet she still have strong will to go back to former world.

Background Edit

She was Summoned by Yuuki via Unique Skill Summoner.

She was one of 300 Yuuki's elite subordinate.

Plot Edit

Ryuma Clash Arc Edit

It's Mentioned that She and other 300 Yuuki's Elite Subordinate were gathered in Manor at Eastern Empire Capital under order from Yuuki in order to discuss about Coup d'etat Plan after that she was Purged By Kondou, Damrada, Miraza and Royal Knight No.7 - 10.

Tenma Great War Arc Edit

Arios,Zero and Mai including 200.000 Angel was ordered by Velda to invade Holy Empire Ruberius.

Later under Zero's instruction she use Her Unique Skill Traveler to Teleport Arios,Zero and herself back to Velda in order to evade Veldora's Ultimate Skill Chaos King Nyarlathotep's attack

She was ordered by Velda to Assist Zero in order to Invade Tempest

She was Ordered by Zero to Command 600.000 Angel who invade Tempest to evaporate Tempest into Nothing.

Using her Ultimate Skill Weapon Lord Bow and manipulate 600.000 Angel Simultaneously she successful evaporate Tempest into Nothing.

She was Ordered by Zero to ambush Labyrinth habitant in case they retreat outside the Labyrinth.

Abilities Edit

As one of Yuuki's Top Subordinate her abilities is far above Average Royal Knight.

Ultimate Skills Edit

Unique Skills Edit

Relationship Edit

Rimuru Tempest

Kagurazaka Yuuki


Trivia Edit

  • Its Hinted that she had a Crush toward Rimuru after Rimuru save her life from the Run out of control Seraphim power
  • She is the only Member of Seven Angel of Punishments who survive the Tenma Great War