Magic swords were introduced by world travelers and are experimental. The humans are planning to make them their trump card against monsters, so users are selected by invitation only.

If a huge amount of magic essence was included in the raw materials of a sword, apparently it would become a sword that grows. Infusing magic into a sword, though you’d expect it to be a common technique, it’s actually really difficult.

If a large amount of magic steel is used as raw material for the sword, it would cost a ridiculous amount. Hence, magic steel is usually used as the core, while most of the blade is made out of ordinary iron and steel. The magic essence in the magic steel will seep into the iron and steel parts, eventually completely merging together. It is said that the more it ages, the stronger it becomes.

Although they are usually made using a simple design, they are perfectly straight. It could be said that there are no unnecessary part to them. It isn’t meant for pure cutting, but still capable of slashing attacks. The goal of this design is to use this simplicity as a base to make it easier to realize an individual’s respective ideal form.

It is a sword that responds to the thoughts of the user, gradually altering its shape into the desired ideal form. And depending on the magic power of the user, it is even possible to freely transform its form in the midst of battle. Furthermore, due to its high affinity with magic essence, it is even capable of amplifying the power of skills.

Another special characteristic of magic swords is that the blade will never rust or become chipped. The sword also has a life of its own. If it became completely broken or bent, then the magic essence would bleed out and dissipate all at once.

In a way, when compared to normal swords, unless there was a great difference in talent, the magic sword will definitely bring its user victory.

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