Magic City El Dorado
Capital El Dorado
Leader Leon Cromwell

The land Leon rules is more of a continent than an wide, and has towns divided into districts. Forest, Field, Lake, River, and Mountain districts. Every sector is protected via a magic circle. An artificially created land of nature and tranquility–a magic city. That is the land of Demon Lord Leon Cromwell–El Dorado

The Royal Palace has luxury Room of good quality In white and gold.

A country truly is build wonderfully The streets glimmer as if made of gold. Every building was placed with care, and a spiral castle reaches into the heavens.

The city creates a single giant magic circle. The city is blessed with “Counter Magic” and “Enemy Radar” as a result. It will alert the people if there are any intruders.Though it seals magic attacks it's possible that any attack enters would probably be deflected if it attacked with large scale magic: it’s an automatic win for the city absolute magical barrier

the training grounds into the palace. Sculptures and corridors of good taste from decorated the halls, while glass walls allowed overviewing the view outside. It fantastically elaborate palace the training grounds A magic formation was carved into one side of the wall, which seems to serve the purpose of absorbing and diffusing the energy absorbed within the training grounds

Individuals citizens and Knight OrderEdit

  • Silver Knight Alrose the chief of knight
  • Black Knight Claude The strongest knight
  • A Red Knight Order: Magic Knights skillful in offensive magic belong to this order 4,000 members. The leader is the Red Knight Fran is a woman.
  • Blue Knight Order: Magic Knights skillful in support magic belong to this order  2.000 members. The leader is the Blue Knight Oxishan is a man.
  • Yellow Knight Order: Magic Knights skillful in defensive magic belong to this order.  3.000 members. The leader is the Yellow Knight Kizna is a woman.
  • White Knight Order: Magic knights skillful in recovery magic belong to this order. 1.000 members. The leader is the White Knight Maetel Is a woman.

Trivia Edit

  • Leon Cromwell subordinates are reminiscent of the Super Sentai Warriors due to their color scheme.

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