Biographical Information
Name Leonard
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Holy Empire Ruberion

Ingracia Kingdom (Formerly)

Class Saint Wizard

Magic Swordsman

Rank A
Affiliation Western Saints Church

Knights Templar

Post Division Vice Captain(Formerly)
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 93

Leonard is the division vice captain of the Knights Templar and the Saint Wizard.

Personality Edit

He is usually calm and collected.

Background Edit

He was saved by a hero during his childhood. The attacking monsters were decimated with the hero’s sword. Even wicked spirits far larger than a human were vanquished with a single stroke of the sword. Thus his hidden village, which had resigned themselves to death, were saved by a hero. Since then, Leonard was fascinated with that mystical sword.

While mastering the ways of magic he imitated the hero’s sword with a stick. After becoming a Saint Wizard, he left for the Ingracia Kingdom. There, he learnt the sacred magic and awaited his opportunity to journey to the Holy Empire Ruberion. For an outsider to be allowed the pilgrimage, one would have to attain certain proficiency with the sacred magic. In the end, Leonard reached a high level of the sacred magic archive and was allowed to become the Knights Templar’s apprentice. Afterwards, during the spirit contract ceremony, he formed a contract with the light and darkness spirits. He reported to have formed a contract only with the light spirit. For him, the Darkness spirit distanced him from the Hero and hence was pointless. Thus, began the life of the Light Templar Leonard.

Despite being a Saint Wizard, holy sword in hand, Leonard had engaged in many battles. Even while hiding his identity as a Saint Wizard, his name is far more famous now as a templar. And at some point he became division vice captain.

Abilities Edit

He is a genius who has reached the pinnacle of magic arts.

He has a beautiful sword hand. Where Arnaud’s sword symbolized power, Leonard’s embodied harmony. Though they had comparable power, Arnaud is a little stronger. Leonard is in fact a Magic Swordsman. His sword skill would not lose to Arnaud, and his current fighting style would certainly not fail him. Certainly Leonard is stronger. However, the Templars did not base their evaluation on elemental magic archive. Thus, Leonard convinced himself that true power consisted in reaching the pinnacle of the holy affinity.