Background Edit

Name Kurenai
General Benimaru
Troops 100
Country Tempest
Affiliation Green Corps
Status Active

Kurenai (Crimson), Benimaru’s personal ogre bodyguards.

The 100 strongest among the 4100 hobgoblins under Benimaru’s command, evolved into ogres. These ogres were orginally the goblins that belonged to the first village (except Gobuta, Rigurdo  and few others) Rimuru saved. They are now Benimaru’s personal bodyguards, possessing A- Rank strength.

A group of A Rank monsters focusing on strength and truly possessing ridiculous abilities. Raw-power-wise, they may only be at Gelmudo ’s level but level does not mean everything. Their current “level” would match the Templar Knights. The captains of Crimson endured Hakurou’s hellish training. They are a very dependable force.

Trivia Edit

  • It was stated at Chapter 73, 100 Crimson members still at A- Rank and at Chapter 142 it was stated they already reach A Rank.

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