Tatsuya Kondou
Kondou Tatsuya
Biographical Information
Name Tatsuya Kondou
Kondou Tatsuya
Age 90+
Gender Male
Species Saint
Evolution Sage
Hair Color Black
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Country Eastern Empire
Class Generalissimo
Rank No.1 Royal Guard
Affiliation Eastern Empire
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 136 (Mentioned)
Chapter 144 (Actual)

Also known as First Lieutenant Kondou, age did not match his appearance.

Appearance Edit

His trimmed short black hair, he emitted a tense atmosphere.

Expressionless eyes gleamed with a sharp light could see through everything, and pierced other.

A young man. His youthfulness could be seen as he still in his early 20s.

He dresses in a former Japan Empire military uniform.

Personality Edit

Not a man who expressed his thoughts to others, no gentle light in his eyes and posesses a cunning intellect.

He have similiar Trait with Yuuki Kagurazaka like they hide deep darkness inside their heart and they have the same cold calculation attitude.

Abilities Edit

After the fake Kondou is created by Velda's memory orbs, his power becomes around 10X that of a true Demon King, or around EP: 4.000.000

Ultimate SkillsEdit

Unique Skills Edit

  • Reader: Read the target’s mind through physical contact.

Equipment Edit

A Set of God Class Armor and God Class Handgun.
He had an arsenal of different types of bullets that he can use with his handgun, and he can combine the abilities of these bullets.

  • Judgement Bullet: Mach 100 bullets - shoot a bullet so fast it cannot be dodged with ordinary means and it pack with the strongest attack and can only be use once for a day.
  • Eraser Bullet: Disintegrates the target into nothing.
  • Necrosis Bullet: Magic Channel Destroying Bullets - Destroys the magic channels within the target preventing them from using magic. This was a bullet that could even kill dragons. Even the undying attributes of the undead would have their magic circuits destroyed by the cursed agents and ultimately result in death-by-destruction.
  • Remove Bullet: a bullet that destroys magic barriers or curse type defenses.

Background Edit

World Travelers or "Foreigner".

The Eastern Empires.

Chronology Edit

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