Knights Templar
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Templars are A ranked individuals. They are humanity’s guardians blessed by the spirits.

Protecting villages and cities from monsters is the duty of these knights. They prevent further casualties. Most of them hate monsters. And these templars are the embodiment of hopes, expectations, and prayers of every victim.

The Personal Knights and Knights Templar are two entirely different groups. Taking action solely from the Pope’s demands, the so called Personal Knights never leave the vicinity of the Pope without his command. Only the head of the Personal Knights, Hinata herself, was given permission to act freely to act and protect the growth of the church. That included overseeing the growth of the Knights Templar branch.


Abilities Edit

Each one can match a thousand men. Amongst them, 15 individuals consisting of the captains and their 2 vice captains of the 5 squadrons all desire the title of the strongest holy knight.

They all wear spirit armor, holy mail. The spirit they contracted with made the materialized armor easily adjustable. Albeit inferior to true holy mail, it is still better than average equipment. Hardly being able to feel its weight, it’s a superior kind of armor that feels as light as feathers.

The weapons they wield are also articles used to vanquish evil, weapons that can nullify resistances and deal true damage.

For the Knights Templar it is absolutely crucial that an archdemon, which harbors the demon lord seed, be immediately destroyed. If a simple archdemon was born depending on abilities, three Knights Templar should be able to destroy it.

There are those among them that have an affinity for elemental magic and silently cast it during battle.

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