Justice King Michael
正義之王 (ミカエル)
Seigi no Ou (Mikaeru)
Name Justice King Michael
正義之王 (ミカエル)
Seigi no Ou (Mikaeru)
User(s) Rudra Nam Ul Nasca (Borrower)
Yuuki Kagurazaka (Stealer)
Veldanava (Original User)
Skill Type Ultimate Skill
Web Novel Debut Chapter 150
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Manas: Lucia (God's Justice Core)
The Ultimate Skill Justice King Michael [正義之王ミカエル, Seigi no OuMikaeru]

Justice King Michael has the ability to control all of the Angels, which was passed down from Star King Dragon Veldanava.



  • Armageddon [天使之軍勢ハルマゲドン, Tenshi no GunseiHarumagedon]: Summons and controls an Army of 1 Million Angels.
  • Castle Guard: Absolute Barrier that Block every attack, in exchange for the wielder is unable to do anything and have to use the Energy from Loyal Subordinate in order to maintain the Barrier. There must be at least one Loyal Subordinate near to the user of the Ultimate Skill Justice King Michael.
  • Regalia Dominion [王権発動, Ouken Hatsudou]: Absolute Domination toward the Wielder of Angel (Virtue Series) Ultimate Skill thus it could allow the user to dominate and manipulate the angel series Ultimate Skill user whether its friend and foe.
  • Scorch Dragon Velgrynd attack manipulation (lost after Rudra's mind broke): The ability to attack by changing the elemental properties of Velgrynd’s powers thus becoming invincible as long as a Loyal Velgrynd was close by.

Trivia Edit

  • The downside for this Skill is its activation requires enormous power.
  • The downside for this Skill is if the user activates Castle Guard then he'll be unable to do anything (besides watching their surroundings). Usage of other Magic and Skills is restricted as well, Basically it is similar to Spectator Mode and it won't activate if there aren't any Loyal Subordinate near the user.
  • It has a grudge towards the world for killing Velda Nava and Lucia thus it decided to destroy the world in order to reclaim Velda Nava and Lucia's Soul to resurrect them.

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