Endless Prison
Name Endless Prison
Alternative Names Infinite Prison
User(s) Chloe O’Bell
Skill Type Unique
Web Novel Debut 4
← None
Hope King Sariel, Covenant King Uriel

Infinite Prison is a skill that seals the target in endless time and imaginary space (an alternate dimension), but the target can still be perceived and felt in the real world. You cannot interfere with the skill from within. It does not weaken over time.

It cannot be damaged via Physical Damage.

History Edit

This skill was used by the hero Chloe O'Bell used it shield herself from Veldora's attack then used it to imprison Veldora three hundred years prior to the current story. The prison was strong enough to trap one of the True Dragons.

However the prison did not suppress Veldora's demonic aura or his mind. He was also able to communicate with Rimuru through telepathy. The rest of his abilities and movements were sealed.

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