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Human Sage
Humans in the world of Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken are different from the human in our world.

These humans all have some sort of affinity to magic. Also humans seem to appear to be immortal, at least there are many stories of humans living for 1000's of years or at least being reborn repeatedly as the same person.

Rimuru during his battle with the eastern empire declares that the soldiers that were revived all would now lead shorter lives.

Abilities and Personality Edit

Human are considered to be quite smart and industrious creatures. They build cities and countries and have large highly organized groups. However they are known for lying and treachery and caution needs to be had around them as they can easily manipulate those that cannot lie.

Humans are also very emotional being and their decisions can often be controlled more by emotion than by logic.

Composition Edit

  • Fleshy Body - Humans are bound to their fleshy body and damage to their body directly affects them unlike devils whose body can be quickly regenerated and simply house their energy form. If the body dies, the human will also die.
  • Magic Energy - Human are able to control and channel magic energy.
  • Soul - Humans have very strong and powerful souls unlike monsters whose souls contain much less energy. Human souls can be used by demons/devils to strengthen themselves and thus are considered quite valuable by those demons that can utilize their energy.
  • Nucleic Heart - Typically the Nucleic Heart will follow the soul and provide additional energy to the demon who consumes the soul. However in special cases the Nucleic Heart can be separated and escape or at least retain itself while the body and soul are being controlled.

Types of Humans Edit

There are various types of humans from various origins in this world.

  • Standard Human - They were born and have always been born in this world.
  • World Travellers - Humans that have been summoned into this world from our world are considered world travellers. They have the memories and the bodies they had in their previous lives. However they seem to gain the immortality that comes with being in this world. (i.e. Kondo)
  • Reincarnator - Humans that have died and been reborn in this world are known as reincarnators. Most of the time they are reborn as humans and can retain their memories of their past lives. In Rimuru's case he was reborn in the body of a slime. They can be granted gifts and skills depending on their hearts greatest desires upon their time of dying in the previous world.

Evolutionary Chain Edit

Humans can evolve like monsters as they get stronger though their rankings are a bit different.

Humans first strengthen themselves through training and can raise their own strength from very low to an A rank with enough training and good equipment. Examples of those are the knights and mages of the church who have gotten strong through many battles and training. There are also those human that can gain a unique skill that add to their ranking and fighting strength.

There begins actual evolutionary changes once their strength reaches a certain level. The evolution is as follows:

  1. Human
  2. Human Sage
  3. Human Saint
  4. Human Hero

Known Humans Edit