I do think that I was in too much of a hurry. To save people with my own hands, so I thought. I don’t think I was wrong to sacrifice the few to save the many.

I can proudly say that I fought for what I believed in. But… I also don’t think it’s wrong to try to save everyone. I think I was too focused on the big picture and lost something important. I don’t want to save just the majority, I want to save everyone. Feel free to laugh if you think it impossible. I just want to see the world, judge it with my own eyes, and pick the path I truly believe in

—Sakaguchi Hinata

Hinata Sakaguchi
Sakaguchi Hinata
Biographical Information
Name Hinata Sakaguchi
Sakaguchi Hinata
Blessing Crest of Guardian
Title(s) Head of the Imperial Guard (resigned)
World Traveler
True Hero
Age 27
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Holy Empire Ruberion
Affiliation Western Saints Church
Imperial Guards
Post Holy Knights Leader
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 5
Leader of the Imperial Guards under the Pope’s direct command, Hinata Sakaguchi [坂口日向, Sakaguchi Hinata]. She holds the title of Holy Knights leader. She was assigned to guard the inside of the palace of the Holy Kingdom Ruberion.


She doesn’t remember the people she has killed. Good guys, bad guys, Hinata killed them equally. Because everyone were equal in front of God. So, over here, she was no longer a normal girl. Completely remembering the murders.

To her, her body is merely a mean of winning somebody over. Of course, she has carnal desires. She’s not sexually frigid. Only a few man she likes are allowed to do as they wish to with her body. However, men she hates will not be forgiven if they do the same.

Hinata has a strong sense of disgust, the head is a funny existence. For the rationalist Hinata, god’s blind acceptance was a symbol of stupidity. It is ironic considering Hinata’s position as God’s guardian of justice.

She is said to be the ultimate pragmatist who doesn’t like to follow through.

She looks ruthless at first glance, she even gives off the strong impression of being a coldblooded murderer. However, for those who rely on her she lends them a helping hand. She helps those who grab her hands, but the ones who ignore it and don’t listen to her advice never see her again, that’s the kind of girl she is. Her character is akin to that of a rationalist.

She lives in order to create an equal world without struggle. Perhaps this is an idealistic and impractical goal. But for Hinata the church appears to be the embodiment of that ideal. Since then, Hinata would never doubt the Church’s Creed and systematically worked to propagate it. Unlike her mother who clung to religion, she was at a position where she protected the creed. And that was the source of Hinata’s confidence. Though she didn’t believe in god, she would recognize it as long as it was of use. Achieving one’s goal was more important. Thus, she had never faltered since joining the Western Saint’s Church.

Appearance Edit

She has beautiful, glossy black hair at about shoulder height, with the left side swept back and the right almost covering her eye.

She wears small round glasses, which can be described as her defining characteristic.It is unknown whether she wears them out of fashion, since her eyes don’t seem particularly bad.

She wears dark clothing that’s easy to move around in. However, by the quality of it, the clothing is clearly made for ceremonial occasions. Rather than a skirt, she wears pants. Her body is bound by a robe, the kind the clergy wear, dyed black. Her black is in unnatural fascination with the color.

Her eyes, cold and cruel, display profound wisdom. Other than the cold glare, she can only be described as beautiful

She is usually armed with a rapier hanging on her hip. And doesn’t wear armor and appears rather carefree.


Her mother was a religious addict, and now she had been released from it. Her father, had long ago “disappeared.” He lost great sums on horse races, and left them with an enormous debt. Her mother fled to religion, because she couldn’t withstand the beatings from her father. After careful planning, Hinata killed her father as to help her mother and receive his life insurance money. After a bit more, the insurance money would be paid out. The secret had not been exposed. Thus, her father was treated as a missing person.

She had planned to murder the zealot who pushed her mother into religion, and sooner or later, end her own mother’s life.

On the day of her first year high school entrance ceremony, she was on her way home but didn’t particularly want to go back. When she passed by the shrine she always stopped by, a strong wind suddenly blew throughout it. The wind forced her eyes shut. Once she opened them, an unfamiliar scenery had spread before her. At the age of 15, she first came to this world.

When she first arrived was attacked by three men. By her hands, the time she took to kill the three men didn’t exceed 5 minutes.

In a mere month, she surpassed Shizue in strength. After a few years, Hinata had received an important post within the kingdom, but was not satisfied. Rather, she had treated the promotion with mild indifference.

Story Edit

It was in order to prevent any blame to the Holy Kingdom for the war with Tempest, Hinata withdrew from her position as the head of the Personal Knights.

The hierarchy of the church, or at the very least the positions relating to it are rather complex. There are multiple individuals who stand at the top of the church's hierarchy. However, the true person that reigns at the top is the Knights Templar leader, Cardinal Nicholas.


When Hinata first arrived, her physical abilities were still not really high, given she just got her powers. However, with cold eyes, she evaded her opponent’s attack with minimal movement.

As someone who favored the rapier, Hinata’s muscles are not overly developed. Hinata fought by beating her opponent’s speed.

She studied under each one of the Celestial Sages and move onto the next one immediately after finishing the training.

After obtaining the Hero’s Egg she has became an existence that surpasses logic, and because of this result, she seemed to gain a resistance against Result Prediction System’s ability.

When she gave her Hero's Egg to Chloe O'Bell, she lost most of her abilities and powers.


  • Transfer Magic: teleportation magic formation

Unique SkillsEdit


  • Disintegration: To use this magic one must pray. Given that she is an atheist she finds this very fact ironic, Hinata hates this magic. However, her preferences aside, of the magic that Hinata knows, this is the strongest among it.
  • Holy Sword Technique: Melt Slash
  • Weight Manipulation
  • Inertia Manipulation
  • Eye of truth: After obtaning the hero egg, Hinata can tell any lies from truth when seing with it.


  • Dead End Rainbow (Taken by Rimuru)
  • Astral Bind: An amulet that can erect a barrier. One that binds not the flesh, but every level of one’s soul.
  • Spiritual Weapon: She can easily swing the tip at the speed of sound and wield the sword as if it was her own body. Her movements resemble a sword dance. By using Weight Manipulation and Inertia Manipulation this hefty weapon weighs absolutely nothing to her. And if she increases the weight the moment it made contact with her enemy, she can land a devastating blow. Furthermore, no matter how fast her opponent, as long as she nullified their inertia she could deflect their blow. Thanks to her flexible swordsmanship and these skills, Hinata boasted invincibility.
  • Saint Armor Holymail

Relationships Edit

  • Cardinal Nicolas Spertus: To Hinata, this man is as faithful as a tamed puppy. They share a bed at times, and she even allows him to be her companion overnight.
  • Rimuru Tempest: She held a grudge against Rimuru for supposedly killing Shizu, however his words slowly caused her to doubt her beliefs for the first time in a decade. When they met again, unlike their first encounter, Hinata answered his questions and was seen genuinely smiling as they fought. After their fight Hinata became much more respectful towards Rimuru due to his strength and his part in freeing her from Yuuki's ability.
  • Izawa Shizu: She was the only person who was nice to Hinata in the whole world. When Yuuki convinced Hinata she was a bother to Shizu, Hinata immediately left her care to avoid being hated. Being unable to help Hinata open her eyes to the truth of the world was one of Shizu's greatest regrets, however she was able to accomplish this when Raphael recreated her soul so she could speak to Hinata for a short while. When Shizu appeared Hinata became uncharacteristically respectful and addressed her as "Shishou".
  • Ruminas:

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